8-11 Late Rpt: Great day on the water with the boys.

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Shark Meat, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. Shark Meat

    Launched early with my Brother and two boys and made it abeam Pt. Loma by 0600 with great dines from EB. Pressed out toward the 302, but stopped on a tiny paddy just on the western edge of the 9-mile bank where we instantaneously got picked by a nice sized bull and 6 others before it shut down around 0900. Everyone got some fish there -- some two at a time.

    Continued west and stopped on another dinky paddy where we found some YTs to go with the Dodos. Three out of four of our best fish came from this shrubbery.

    Water temps started out around 74 deg but by the time we left we saw 78.2 deg. All fish were caught off lively bait (some slow trolled at idle) no closer than 50yds off the paddy. Awesome conditions and the fish worked the boys over so they spent most of the day snoozing. Very memorable for all.

    Final count 8 Dodos (1 Rel) and 3 Yt

    Having problems with pics. Will try again manana.

    Edited: Okay here's the pics as promised...

    HPIM1457bd.JPG HPIM1441bd.JPG HPIM1452bd.JPG HPIM1459bd.JPG HPIM1461bd.JPG HPIM1495bd.JPG HPIM1503bd.JPG HPIM1506bd.JPG HPIM1548bd.JPG HPIM1552bd.JPG HPIM1491bdd.JPG HPIM1510bdd.JPG HPIM1542bdd.JPG HPIM1562bdd.JPG HPIM1565bdd.JPG
  2. Dos Locos

    Those are great pics of the kids!! Nice job on the fish dude.
  3. Az.monkey

    :appl: :appl: That's what it's all about my friend !:appl: :appl: :)
  4. Shark Meat

    Forgot to mention: We were using 30 lb flouro as well. Snapped our net in half too early on -- almost lost that fish because of it. Took two hours to clean them all when we got back. Home at 2200 after a long day.
  5. Shark Meat

    Thanks Dos Locos and Az. Monkey. It was a great day! See ya on the water.
  6. Nate G

    the pic of the dodo besides the boat is awesome
  7. Shark Meat

    My 8 year old (who designated himself our resident photographer) took it. I thought that he did a great job too, especially, since the last outing -- when he took great pictures of the catch but chopped our heads off or he took what would have been a frameable pic of a dodo in the water save for the camera strap in front of it. You gotta love digital photography, because you can't waste film.
  8. hotrod

    Mike, those are some nice pics there...it was good chatting with you at m c r d. My son was all over your fish and wanted to take one home :p: ...that was too funny.:D
  9. Shark Meat

    Sorry I had to wait until I got home and it took me a while to find it. This is the picture that could have been a contender... minus the camera strap.

    The second one might still work

    HPIM1437bbdd.JPG HPIM1437bd.JPG
  10. Shark Meat

    Likewise Mike, and thanks. Always a pleasure. You gotta a great kid there -- soon I expect to see pics of him bringing monsters his size or better over the rail... and he should have grabbed one preferrably before it was filleted -- I was worn out. :_shopping Glad to see that you got into some too this weekend.

    Take care and we'll see you out at the dock again soon I'm sure. Mike