8/11/07 Albies/Yellows/Dodos

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Deep_blue, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. Deep_blue

    Left SI to the 390. Two single albies on the troll. Black/white CD 11 ran short past the prop wash. Nothing else there for us.

    Went back up the line to the 371. Jumped in on a couple of patties for 2 yellows and 2 dodos. Weather was great.

    Final count:

    2 albies
    2 yellows
    2 dodos

    Good luck out there.

  2. rbruntsch

    nice work!
  3. beauzie

    Nice job Robert, enjoy the nice variety of meat there!

    NICE job
  5. Vermonster

    Excellent mix of fish!!!! :cheers:
  6. mokaction

    NIce job.. Man, I was out there on the 10th and nada.. glad some one got something..

  7. bassnet

    Nice work!! :beerbang::beerbang::boobies::beerbang:
  8. Tunaslam

    A great selection of fish. Congrats.
  9. frozen dog II

    That one dodo looks like a trout I cought last week. Good job