8/10/06 DODOS

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by dagonative, Aug 11, 2006.

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  1. dagonative

    Fished with my Dad who flew over from phoenix to fish yesterday. Sorry for late post.. On advice from a post on BD we headed to an area 15 miles off Torrey pines.. Our plan was to fish this area then head to the 182 then north 9 area...We hit our first paddy at 6:30 am and stayed there until 9am..It was wide open the first hour then a steady pick. We boated 10 dodos...Not one fish farmed...we went 10 for 10...I boated 7 and released one...I got one on my calcutta 200 with 12lb..That was fun!! My dad got 3 because he took a half hour break after the first one. We each got a nice bull and all the cows were nice fish. It was an amazing day and only burned 10 gallons of fuel. We wanted to fish yellows but our cooler was full and the one 20lb bag of ice was not enough for all the fish so we headed in at 9am so our fish would stay fresh.. Had some panko crusted Mahi with mango salsa last night...awesome...Travis on the kingfish...

    dodo3.jpg dodo4.jpg
  2. KC Kevin

    Nice! Way to put your Dad on some feeesh. And only 10 gallons of fuel? Thats awesome.
  3. il delfino

    Dude well done....Gotta be nice to killem for the cost of 10 gallons of fuel. Pops must be stoked too.
  4. Weazel

    Nice job on the fish in the tin can! Reminds me of catching yellows in my buddies old 14' aluminum.