70.5 POUND GHOST FOr Mike Boland

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Captain Juan SQ, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. Captain Juan SQ

    Post Doctorate Seminar on ZZZBASS.

    Travelling out of San Diego with with my father Bruce (Retired US Navy Admiral) and friend Jeff Ward (IKON and Ricoh Americas Lead Technician) scored a once in a lifetime 70.5 pound White Seabass on a bottom baited small Pacific Mackeral. Fight time was 25 minutes on 40 lb. copolymer.

    The fishing is red hot on the big grade seabass. We ended up with over 500 pounds of 30 to 70 pound class over 2 days. The weater is impeccable and the beer at the Old Mill is ice cold. Come down for a great time, as September is shaping up to be EPIC!!!

    Signed ......Mike Boland
    Give me a call if you want a little heads up....6198515324
    Hint....Book The Ghost Wrangler...Juan Cook

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  2. pipelayer5000

    holy crap sounds amazing guys!!!! juan is great captain. PICTURES!!! PICTURES!!!! I NEED FISH PORN>>>

    nice wsb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. BuonaForTuna

    WOW! Thats the biggest WSB Ive seen, great catch.
  5. ECMFab

  6. bassjedi

    Capt Juan,

    Catch and release only until next week when we get there! Leave some for us!

    Dude, that is a nice fish.
  7. theedanimal

    oh my god! That head picture is amazing..
  8. flyfishBaja

    God damn! That's an awesome specimen. Way to go!!!
  9. EWR2004

    Absolutely ridiculous that you kept everyone of those fish. Since there are limits in U.S. waters you decided to rape the Mexican waters, bravo!

    You give fishermen and Americans a bad name.
  10. Ultimate Catch

    :rofl::rofl::rofl:That was a good quote.
  11. Sun Tzu

    OMFG! Hellava fish.
  12. nmbrinkman

    C'mon 1 post wonder.. Either you're just a lurker or you're scared to use your real BD account.

    I think it was a little excessive but there were at least 3 anglers on board that we know of, maybe more and based off the picture that's about 3-4 per angler. Bottom line is that it is LEGAL and I get tired of this "you're giving American's a bad name" bullshit. Know what is more likely to give anyone a bad name? It is somebody forcing their ideals on others. Maybe he donated a bunch of WSB to the locals or the crew. If none is wasted then I have NO problem with the occasional slaying.. This is Bloodydecks after all. Save your soapbox speech for fishermaninsupportofMPAs.org
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2009
  13. Ed Kurzawa

    Another monster seabass, amazing!
  14. scwindow

    Seabass limit in Mexico is 5 fish per person per day. Looks like they followed the rules. What is the problem. I do not even see limits for the fisherman pictured. Looks like a epic day with one of the best skippers in Baja.
  15. Steel Leader

    don't mind the little bitch,

    AWESOME FISH!!!!! that's a fish of a life time, quite possibly, bravo!
  16. SealBeachKid

    Nice fish...
  17. Susana

    You guys rock!!!!! What a a great couple of days. Hope to see you again down here soon.
    Oh, and thanks again for the beers tonight
  18. Customboatguy

    :eek: That's a MOOSE...

  19. Teleni

    Mike, congratulation on landing that beast. That's definitely a beauty, I totally agreed with you about Captain Juan Cook. I fished all over with different captain and I tell you, Captain Juan Cook is one of a kine. He definitely knows his stuff and he will go an extra mile to put you on the fish. We were just down there on August 23 & 24 and it was the best fishing experience of my life. I will definitely return sometime soon to fish with Captain Juan Cook. Mahalo

    Fred Vanhorn
    "The Flying Samoan"
  20. F1sHsLaY3r

    yea buddy... way to get it