7/8 with a twist

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by notorious, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. notorious

    Started the day at the 181 with no intention of heading any further south. Ended up trolling west finally finding some fish in the clemente canyon area. Only saw two other boats in this whole area. A big swell was still rolling making my crew a little green. After 7 albies I made the call to get some sun and fish the island. We lost a very large seabass, fought it for 30 min on 30lb. And yes, we even scored a few yellows at the island.


    Brandon's first white sea bass

    Fin's first fishing trip
  2. Tunaslam

    Looks like a fun trip, good job guys!
  3. spike

    I would say you caught a plethora
  4. Reel_Brew

    Very nice! Great trip for sure. Your breaking that puppy in the right way.
  5. Sherm

    Great trip guys!!! Cute little salty dog you got there.
  6. BiggestT

    Were those island yellows on finbait? Also, were they caught on the anchor or slow trolling?

    I have a Club yellowtail tournament this weekend and I'm formulating strategy. It's single fish submission, points per lb based on line class used.
  7. notorious

    finbait anchored in 65ft but the yellows were pretty small.
  8. Laukia

    Sawyer's first Albie? Tell him I said hello. We were down below you at the 371 on Sunday and were finished by 11:30 with 15 albies. Looking like a real good season. Congrats on the Seabass and exotics.
  9. Gil Marlin

    Where's the putas??? :food-smiley-014:
  10. notorious

    Jaimie's first albie. He also farmed a very large WSB.
    I know somebody that is looking for a 28 Carolina Classic. Interested in moving up?
  11. Laukia

    JAMIE! God Damn it, I never could tell those two apart!

    "interested in moving up?"..........well, I should never say never but I can't see selling this boat. It's built like a tank, handles the shitty weather, gets 1.5 km on average or better, cruises at 25 kts. in any kind of decent sea state......yet I still feel comfortable going solo. It's actually better now than when I got it new after a few modifications. The only downside is there is no West Coast dealers for these boats. However......it is a family owned business and the Privotts are second to none in both their knowledge of their boats and their accessibility. They have always got back to me the same day usually within an hour of calling when I had a question. If your friend wants to check out Laukia have him hook up with Sawyer (or Jamie) and we'll set it up. I can walk him through ordering one if he's serious or try and answer any question he might have.
  12. lilharcher

    Nice work Hunter........south east side of the island? We were there on the 4th and got a nice WSB as well. Couldn't find the YT that day though. You probably went through about 100 checkers too huh?
  13. notorious

    Thanks for the offer. I'll let him know but I don't think he is patient enough to order one.

    We were right near white rock.
  14. so*CALpaddyhop