7/25 Limits Dodo, Limits YT

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Jason, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. Jason Admin

    Mots with the nicer models

    And another quality YT

    Foggy in the morning. Found a paddy and one stop shopped. 21 x 27.5 water temp 72.7F

    Mots holding the nicer ones.

    Cruised around and released another 7 dodo's trying to get 2 more YT to fullfill our Mexi Limits.

    Weather came up around 10am while we were on the 425. Ran home getting our asses handed to us.
  2. Dizzole

    who cares..........

  3. byeye

    Nice dodo Mots. You fuckin fag.
  4. Captain Curt

    :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:

    Congrats guys, nice models of fish there. Way to put the wood to them.


    The boat Hanna..........
  5. Jaydog

    Jason LIVES!!!!! Good job guy's, after our morning DODO chaos we headed South looking for some YT and could'nt find any, OH WELL...
  6. markalico

    nice fuckin bite man
  7. progress_1

    Dammmm nice fish.....sucks when you have to fish around the dorado to get yellows...........
  8. Red Drum

    Excellent catch of fish!
  9. Mstonefish

    Fags..............thanks for the invite

    Nice Fish :appl:
  10. DeVo

  11. BigJoe

    Is it my imagination or are there a hell of a lot of good fish being caught this year? Nice job on the fish.
  12. bertram31

    I was really beginning to wonder if Jason really does fish or is just this brainiac webmaster type homo LOL

    Oh yea WTG guys.

  13. KC Kevin

    thats about a 45lb YT. Mots is only 4'10" tall. :rofl:

    Nice catch guys.
  14. eljurel

    Wayyyyyyyyyyy better than last year by far...
  15. vellocity

    hey bro, where was the call to come Pelican some fish??
    haha!! just kidding...i'm still eating ZZZZZ's mahi's and Reider's Albie!

    nice quick work out there!!
  16. Jason Admin

    If you wouldn't have bailed out on this trip you would have had your own. :D. Instead Mots and I had to go alone. Thanks Buddy...:bath: It's hard to find a third at 11pm at night...
  17. Richard Cranium

    Sooooooooo Longggggggg rinding dirty.................. Nice job!
  18. Surfdoc

    Why is Mots wearing a condom on his head in 100 degree heat ???

    DainBramage I teel ya!

    Fuck the fish.......... unless I can find away to go!
  19. Kurt

    Nice goin guys. Wierd weather again but worth it for those feesh.
  20. Saluki

    I didn't know BD sold tank tops.

    Nice fish.