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    Me and Kev took the kayaks down early on Sunday looking to do some fishing. As we were launching from the beach Kev started shouting and pointing... everywhere. There were lunker fish cruising in the shallows and not just one or two but clusters of there all over the place. Almost enough to make us want to drag our yaks back onto the sand and just surf fish. Almost.

    Some decent surf but we made it out between sets without incident. Headed out for the turf... I mean, the kelp. No love on the outside of things so for grins I went inside. Started to drift between stringers in pretty shallow water (and clear for once, no red tide) and BAM! fish on. No sooner than I've landed my first calico (good grade) than Kev is getting hooked up. And from then on, for the next hour or so the action was pretty steady. Not only on Calicos but on short WSBs as well. Kev let his best fish off before I could get a pic; the one seen here was pretty typical of the fish we were catching but we got a few better.


    Our feeling was that the fishing was better inside perhaps because the fish were taking advantange of the grunion run lately. Who knows, but it was pretty hot for a while.

    We decided to press our luck and leave the kayak fishing and capitalize on the surf fishing we saw earlier. But luck was only with me. Kev fished a carolina rigged Gulp worm and I chose to fish a small 3" fishtrap and sweetened it with a little bit of Gulp. Ridiculous looking rig...


    I was pretty sure I had felt a couple taps and I saw one huge fish (weren't sure if they were spotfins or corbina at that point) follow it right to my feet once. But immediately after I put on the sweetener I set the hook into this beaut of a bean.


    My first corbina of the year and probably my best ever at 19". And on a swimbait, wtf?

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