671 Giant Bluefin Tuna - Morehead City, NC - Yesterday

Discussion in 'East Coast Fishing Reports Forum' started by canyongear, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. canyongear

    671 Giant Bluefin Tuna - Morehead City, NC - Yesterday
    Capt Mike Marro of (BlueFin Charters Clinton, CT) and Mate Blake Conlin and the visiting crew from CT, whacked a nice Bluefin yesterday.

    We custom built a couple of "Game On" WinStar Express rods for Mike earlier in the season, just for this fishery..talking with Mike briefly last night he reported that the rods performed above and beyond his expectations and was floored by the toughness of the CalStar blank and the smoothness of the Winthrop Tool / WT Express guides..Kevin Knox our rodbulder built these rods for us to spec's.

    Quote from Mike..

    "We scrached off a winning lottery ticket today @ 9am. 109in. 580lbs. core. she was 671lbs. field dressed. And we are greatful to have her after how slow the fishing has been.

    This was one pissed off fish taking the 130 Tiagra down to 25 wraps on the reel @ 40 lbs. My new Canyon Gear Winstar Rod was awsome the 340 swivel went through the W/T guides like nothing not even a click. No B.S. the rod was awsome.

    We darted her in a hour and a half. My mate Blake did a great job as well as my 2 friends from back home in CT John and Frank..

    I want to thank all the boats who gave me plenty of room while fighting this monster who had 700yds out there.

    Well its back up at 3:30 and at it again."

    Congrats guys!

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    Great job Tim..............what a pig:beerbang:
  3. Cpt. Greg Sears BD Writer

    Nice Rods gona have to get me a set
  4. Massbaytuna3 BD Writer

  5. @-EZ

    This was one pissed off fish taking the 130 Tiagra down to 25 wraps on the reel @ 40 lbs. :eek:

    Now that's a ride I wanna take...

    Hang on boy's...We're going for a ride...

    I think we need a bigger boat comes to mind as well... LOL

    Congrats to the Angler and crew..
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  6. Crash

    Big fish, cool boat
  7. BuonaForTuna

    Sweet deal wheres my rod lol.
  8. rigdonkey

    Wow, what a hoss! thats a 200,000 dollar fish.
  9. brantc

    that's frickin awesome
  10. canyongear

    Thanks to Mike and his crew..Kevin Knox and I fished with Mike in December and he put another on the deck then 360# cored at 299#.

    Mike's a great Capt and mate Blake is coming on strong. Mike and I spec'd out these rods before we arrived in MHC, just for this size BFT fishery. 80# CalStar IGFA blank, left long to max out the length of the rod, WT Express guides, American Tackle 80 unibutt. Kevin built these rods from a phone call with the wish list and component spec's.

    These rods are not stump pullers, they have a medium back and are forgiving to hopefully prevent pulled hooks.

    Here's the fish Mike put us on in December. Caught on our lure. Hoo Machine, white abalone head all pink hair skirt in front of a Horse ballyhoo up top on the center rigger.

    Thanks for the kind words guys, appreciate it.

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  11. slydawg

    Way to go Tim! Your stuff is DYNAMITE! Keep up the good work. Your website is top notch too!

  12. Almost Time

    What a pig!!
  13. canyongear

    If this is Billy W..thanks man..long time how ya been.

    Good to hear from ya..rock on'.

  14. Grateful Fisher

    So.... The biggest thing in North Carolina isn't BBQ swine or Nascar!!!!

    Great fish.:smoking33:
  15. canyongear

    I donna know, I had some pretty good pork at the owner of the Run-Off's house while we were there in December..nice pork pull off the smoker...great people's in MHC.
  16. Mo

    X2 ! Wow..
  17. wheeler77

    :imdumb:Thats one BIG fish........
  18. squirtis

    What a PIG!!!

    Nice fish,,,
  19. Blackfish

  20. canyongear