624 Mako Landed

Discussion in 'Noreast Fishing Reports' started by Gkross, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. Gkross

  2. rtmorandi

    one big fish.
  3. Shark1

    Awesome! Makes me hungry just thinking about it.
  4. Black Rose


    "chunking for bluefins?"...actually, I think that the mako was chunking for them! They reeled in a tuna for an hour+, then the mako bite the tail off the tuna (170+) and then bit it clean in half!!! There're some big fish out there. The next day, we landed a 98" mako (11" shorter than Tom's, yet 300 pounds lighter)!! We had a great white at the boat during the battle--it shared the crap out of the mako!

    Hope you're doing well, Glenn. Rich