6 Person Zodiac "Coastal" Life Raft

Discussion in 'Boat Accessories' started by chud, May 27, 2009.

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  1. chud

    This life raft was purchased new about 6 years ago. It comes in a hard fiberglass 2pc case, sealed from the Zodiac shop. I have had it re-packed twice over the last 4 years. At every re-pack they pressure test the raft and air fill tanks as well as replace batteries & supplies. I have seen the raft activated & opened at the Zodiac shop and it is impressive. The raft is covered with a zip up door. It has a rain collection system and all the supplies to keep you happy till the coast guard can locate you. It also includes the stainless steel "release" mounting bracket (I paid $400 for) and I had a sumbrella cover made so it looks sharp on the deck of the boat.
    It has always been covered and is in great shape.
    I paid $3,200 for the raft and bracket. Will sell for $1,000.00

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  2. Broken Rod

    what is the total weight ?
  3. NannookN

    Hi Chud Iam NannookN and i have a friend rubin who has a new boat and needs the raft we need some paticulars and i dont think the price is any problem Gary!! 310 8747502 OK
  4. speedgoat

    That looks like a sweet deal.
  5. NannookN

    Chud is Gary i think rubin left you a pm So you can call him Or me With your # any time We decided to take it but need to getogether Gary 310 8747502 or Rubin at 3106635965 its sunday afternoon 12:55 pm Please Call Gary
  6. chud

    Thats a sweet hat!
  7. chud

    Raft weighs approx 60lbs. Sale is pending will keep you posted.
  8. akhunter

    Chud is this sold yet?