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  1. branman

    Myself and Mots got a scoop of giant deans and headed for point loma kelp. First stop 8 or so cuda on the iron and 1 on bait no calicos. so me move up a bit and a few more cuda but no bass. considering the size of our bait we head up to crystal pier and make a few drifts for butts Mots gets a shark :rolleyes: so we head up to lajolla for nada, the sporties were movin all around it didn't look like they had much going on. We headed up to "the spot" :D and made a few more drifts for some raked baits and a sandie. headed back for a few drifts at the hotel del for nada, talked to boiler maker and he stoped by for beer, Jerry it was nice talkin to ya! Greg thanks for coming along, had a great day on a scratch bite.

    I think I have a pic of "the boiler maker" here
  2. branman

    Here's the "BoilerMaker" headed for kep's secret launch kep's secret launch kep's secret launch kep's secret launch

  3. Surfdoc

    Cool report, nice to be on the water at anytime... oh yea you can ignore my PM where i bitched at ya for not posting a report sooner...:cool:
  4. Treble Maker

    How was the water? We had flat seas with little to no wind yesterday. Did you guys try plastics?Most of the action was done by 10a.m. in L.J. yesterday so you may have just missed it. Glad you made it out...wasn't it nice to hardly use any fuel and not get beat-up:D
  5. Mots

    Yea Brandon, after a couple of dry weeks it was fun getting out there. Thanks for taking me along. Todd, I was just checking the fish counts and it looks like it it was an afternoon thing. Damn it.
    Hey Boiler maker, nice to meet you and crew yesterday. Get them holes fixed. Thanks again Brandon, had a really good time despite the lack of fish.