6/10/2012 C-bass & halibut= FAIL!! Calico and Sandies: Success!!

Discussion in 'The Bass Fishing Club' started by AnglerboiRR, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. AnglerboiRR

    So We shot out of the harbor nice and early and tried to get in on the local c-bass bite. Hoping maybe the baitbarge had some squid we cruised over there and unfortunately no body home :_diarrhea_:. Should have called in to see what time the guy gets in owell :shithappens:!! Picked up a scoop of dines and headed out.

    We tried a couple drifts but wasn't feeling the mojo without freshdead or live squid.....plus there were about 80 boats in a very small area...Didn't seem like our day so we tried to look for our own fish in a few different areas around the main location. No such luck just a few short bites from small halibuts, not quite the bite we were looking for.

    So We decided to change our game plan and make a quick stop to an area that has always produced well for us. Started throwing out the 6 inch calico hunter big hammer with 1oz warbait leadhead smothered with unibutter and the big girls wanted to play today!:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1: This is my buddy Smiley Joe, couple nice sandies on the doublefist YEAAH! Hopefully he doesn't get to POED at me for posting his mugshot!!!

    The bite was fullspeed for 45 minutes. Every fish was between 4 to 8lbs and we hook/landed around 30 mixed bag of bass and Rockfish.

    This one measured around 24 1/2 inches and weighed around 8lbs on the springscale.
    There were a couple nice calicos in the mix as well, All of which were safely released including this pregger.
    She went around 23inches and weighed over 6 on the spring scale.


    Last as a parting gift to you fishporn seekers.....I caught this pig last thursday night on a 4.5 inch black bighammer. Deadsticking the big hammer in 60 feet/structure for literally couple minutes (not on purpose of course:waglleybooty:). She went atleast 26inches, I didn't get to weigh her but I think she was close to 10lbs.


    Anyways no exotics for me but I'll fish for slugs like these any day!!

  2. ilovecalicos

    Yeah, I'd fish for those hogs as well............Congrats!
  3. Mischief

    Damn those are some big fahkers! Grats,..
  4. calicoking

    Nice hawgs guys! I love those big grey bass! Wish you could have got a better pic of that sandy on a measuring tape it could've taken home the bass of the month award.
  5. mkikkawa

    way to go! those are some toads.
  6. jmericle

    Huntington flats as to the parking lot of boats?
  7. AnglerboiRR

    I believe there is a parking lot starting from San onofre to salt creek to maybe the flats(not sure whats going on there) all the way to Manhattan beach... pick your poison but fish seem to be everywhere!!
  8. b-reel

    it's that time of the season!
  9. Inshore Assasin

    I believe thats MDR...could be wrong, but my guess from the pics.