57 LB Halibut and more

Discussion in 'Central California Fishing Reports' started by gernsey, Oct 25, 2011.

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  1. gernsey

    After 40 years of fishing Channel islands we finally got the glory fish.A great way to wrap up a weekend of awsome catching.Last year Rick and I had a double on 40lbers at Rosa that seemed big, this fish made those look small.We started on Fri night making squid and getting set up for Seabass on Sat morning.We plugged the tank with squid in short order and settled in for the night.Super dense fog rolled in and stayed for the whole weekend.
    Sat morning came and went with out any seabass showing so we did a couple drifts and scored a little Halibut.We then moved up the back of the island and had some great Calico fishing .From there it was over to the Rosa flats for some reds and lings.We filled the box pretty quick so we went back to the squid area and started a drift.With in 3 mins I had a nice 25lb Hali on board.That was it for Sat.Sun started with a nice Halibut and then the Seabass moved in.We had a single followed by a quad,that was a fun fire drill.On our next drift Ricks lucky hexagon Truline goes off.This fish has some shoulders and we could tellright away it was a nice flat fish.When I saw color I started getting shakey,thats when I know I'm having fun.Any way the fish put up a good back and forth for about 10 mins the gave me a shot for the gaff and boom on the deck it slammed.I was waiting for the thing to go balistic while I was scrambling for a rope to tie it off but the fish was toast.

    Here are a few shots from the last few weeks.




    Fishing has been as good as it gets the past few years,I think the gill net ban has alot to do with it.Good luck on your next trip,Gernsey.
  2. Islandrat

    I heard the radio chatter and was stoked for you. We did pretty good on the bugs sunday but didn't fish. congrats on that "Closet Door"
  3. DoubletroubleII

    Man what a toad!.............good for you!
  4. Mag Bay Yachts Advertiser

    Nice work Gernsey! Hope all is well with you.

  5. Carl

  6. Simon Bon Bowery

    What he's doing....

    I want a hali like that...
  7. TravisT

    That is awesome.
  8. Bank Robber

    Incredible!! Congrats! That truly is a glory fish. All the others you got are nothing to sneeze at either ;)
  9. Deno

    Nice!! Congrats love that Pilot house too...
  10. dontfishenuff

    Fantastic fish. Great weekend. I agree the gill net ban was the
    best reg for fishing ever.
  11. hendo7

  12. All Business


    BAD ASS!!
  14. spike

  15. bellcon

    I love it
    awesome fish
    very motivating!
  16. Phat Matt

    That is one hell of a weekend. Beautiful halibut man!!!!! WTG

  17. ecole51


    that is all
  18. Red Tuna

    Beautiful fish, congrats!

    The other fish in your pics aren't too bad either..

  19. brantc

    Nice work Matt....thanks for the report.
  20. OmanGT

    You guys are serious...awesome catch congrats