5 Hunters Killed over Deer-Stand Dispute

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Johnnyfish, Nov 22, 2004.

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  1. Johnnyfish


    already posted......deer stand rage!

    already posted......deer stand rage!
  4. el Toro

    "with a SKS 7.62 mm semiautomatic rifle, a common hunting weapon. "

    Where, in fucking Vietnam? Always watch out for any jackass that "hunts" with a fucking AK. This is totally unfortunate but I just hate how the fucking media spins things. This guy was no damn hunter.
  5. Johnnyfish

    What is a gas operated rifle?

    7.62mm Simonov carbine rifle (SKS) USSR

    Type: Gas operated, self-loading, semi-automatic
    Caliber: 7.62x39mm
    Weight unloaded: 4kg
    Overall length: 1016mm
    Magazine capacity: 10 rounds
    Muzzle velocity: 720m/s

  6. el Toro

    gas operated mean it uses the pressure from the gas exchange of the fired cartridge to extract the spent case and chamber the new one. Semi-auto.

    Who the fuck would hunt with that piece of shit?
  7. Kurt

    Nicer than my 1st hunting rifle. :D Mine was a homemade custom stock enfield. Right handed and I am left handed.

    But I was deadly with that pos :D
  8. MikeyLikesIt

    yeah, not the most accurate, but it will KILL an ENGINE BLOCK at 200 yds..........

    I speak from personal experience. :D

    plus mine looks pretty bitchin......
  9. Duck

    I wouldn't call it a "common" hunting rifle, but it does work. I used to use one while hog hunting. The reason being that we hunted them at night (it's legal in Georgia) and sometimes you'd come up on a drove of them at short range. And when you're being charged by a hog in pitch black with the only light coming from a headlamp, you want to have the ability to sling a couple rounds quickly. I stayed within the law and only loaded 5 rounds and killed quite few that were heading straight at me at a few feet. That bastard needs to be used for target practice though. Put him out about 500 yards and start with the rifle sighted in low. That way you can walk the rounds out to him and then start at his feet.
  10. Vermonster

    Could be used, BUT.... Most states have a limit on shells, at least alot of the ones I've hunted..... This guy emptied his "20 round clip"
  11. JTAP

  12. Duck

    I'm not arguing the fact that this asshole was hunting illegally. I've never hunted anywhere where you could load up 20 rounds into a hunting rifle and stay legal, and I've hunted in quite a few places. I'm just saying that loaded with a legal number of good expanding rounds (my favorite was the 137 grain Winchester power points) an SKS makes a good short range hunting rifle for medium-sized game.
  13. how2fish

    I believe a 7.62 = 308cal (I think this is what the media was trying to say was common)
    But the media is all fucked up anyway. What a fucking moron!
  14. hookandsinker

    I agree, there is alot more to this story than the press is letting on about. I've hunted in many different states and like others have said, I think 20 rounds in a clip is way past the legal limit! Sounds like this guy hunting alot more than deer.

    Quote from this morning:

    Locals in the Birchwood area, about 120 miles northeast of the Twin Cities, have complained that the Hmong, refugees from Laos, do not understand the concept of private property and hunt wherever they see fit.

    Gee I wonder if they should dit them down with an interpreter and explain some basic ground rules of hunting.
  16. el Toro

    ...and with fucking machine guns. They probably only want the deer for the gall bladder and the ground antlers too. Make the soft wee-wee go away.
  17. Surfdoc

    Fuck why waste the air....... you could tattoo the fishing REGS on the dumb fuckers foreheads and they would still do what ever they wanted... then claim they don't speak english and act dumber then dirt!

    So why expect any better with hunting! Also the AK I believe was the weapon of choice by the Vietcong... also used by the communist in Laos.. I'm sure this guy was Very familiar with it.