5-day trip to Guadalupe Island

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by nicodemus, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. nicodemus

    Hi - I'm new here. Usually fish Alaska, but have a hankering to catch some tuna. I'm looking at a shorter long range trip out of San Diego, maybe to Guadalupe Island. I'm wondering what might be the best time for these (early November is open with my current schedule). I really want tuna, any size, but would be interested to know what other species are most likely to be caught. Appreciate any feedback and info forum members can provide.

  2. Chasntuna

    Unlikely to get a shorter Lupe trip in november, or even October. Late summer, early fall is when the longer trips start. August is a great time for Lupe; 5 or 6 day. Tuna to 80 pounds, likely an offshore hit on some school YFT or BFT plus a bonus add if you hit Cedros. WELCOME!
  3. 2MAYEtoes

    There was an AWESOME 5 day last fall on the Vagabond. I'm sure someone has the link. Good times!
  4. Derfsondeck

  5. Derfsondeck

    Thats pretty funny Cristin great minds think alike!
  6. nicodemus

    Wow, you guys don't mess around with quick replies! Helluva report there, Derf. A guy I did some bay fishing with in SD recommended the Searcher. They have shorter trips and have a 5-day trip to Guadalupe the beginning of November, so that's what I was thinking about. My work schedule (let alone pocketbook) don't fit with much earlier in the Fall. I know the bigger fish and longer trips tend to come later in the year, so was sort of wondering if Nov might be even better at 'lupe than the earlier fall trips. In the end it all boils down to when I CAN go, but it's nice to get feedback and hear reports. I grew up in SD and always wanted to do a tuna trip, but could never make it happen. Now I'm an old fart and it's time to live some of those old dreams.

    Appreciate all the replies.
  7. nicodemus

    Hey Derf, just looked up the Vagabond... they leave the day I head back to AK for work! Dangit! Timing is everything....
  8. Derfsondeck

    Aye!Have u checked the Searcher schedule?
  9. nicodemus

    Yep, they have a 5-day Guadalupe trip Nov 3-8...
  10. Bill Theroux

    All the boats fish the same area at Guadalupe. The trick is finding the most comfortable boat and crew. The Searcher, Royal Star, Polaris (royal and supreme) are great rides with spectacular meals. The trick with lupe is the video Camera to film the great whites, trust me, you will be amazed at the size and appetite. If you can save up a little more go longer and fish Alijos, no sharks!!!!
  11. PullinAhi

  12. Derfsondeck

    Who told you there were no sharks at Alijos?

    Ryan!What up bro?
  13. PullinAhi

  14. Pulpo

    I blew my back out on a shark on the kite rig at Alijos Rocks on the Red Rooster everyone caught 100 lbs. Tuna my turn I got the shark from hell !!!
  15. Derfsondeck

  16. nicodemus

    You guys are killing me with these pics! One boat or another, I'm getting out there. Sharks just add to the excitement (as long as they're eating someone else's fish! LOL).
  17. jiggyn

    Lupe is a great place to fish especially in the fall.
    what up Fred Iam on the Searcher trip
  18. Mr GreenJeans

    I have fished on the Searcher many times and Art will put you on fish if there are any to be found. His market niche is those trips seven days and shorter and he has more experience than most in finding fish in that range. The only problem with the 11/3 trip is that no spots have filled so it may not sail. Now the 7-day trip right before it is two-thirds full and is almost certain to sail. So take a look at that one.

    I'm supposing that your Alaska trips are on much smaller boats and the fishing guide always takes you fishing, weather permitting. So you may not be aware that some SD trips end up getting cancelled if not enough people sign up. Usually they sail if they can get the boat two-thirds full. If they cancel the trip you do get your money back. But that is small consolation when what you really wanted was a fishing trip.

    So the take home message here is that you should be careful about putting your deposit down and getting locked in until it looks like the trip is starting to sell.
  19. nicodemus

    Thanks for the heads up on that, GreenJeans. I had noticed no spots were taken yet, and also saw that earlier 7-day to Alijos. I sent an email to the Searcher and have a phone call scheduled with Cecilia next week, so I'll do my due diligence. It's understandable that they need to fill the boat to a certain percentage to make the trip worth their while.

    Thanks for the input, it gives me another valuable point to consider in making my plans.
  20. amnajar

    I have only fished offshore, not longer than 2.5 days and want to get on a trip just like the one Nick is talking about but I have one question. Do the vessels still have to check in at Ensenada on the way out and back in? If so how much fishing time do you really get?