5-21 LJ Fog & dogs

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Hirize, May 21, 2003.

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  1. Hirize

    Left MB launch ramp and picked up a 1/2 scoop of deans got out of the harbor about 6:00AM to a slight
    fog but not bad. Water was like glass with a very small swell and the ride was great but hit thicker fog on the way around the LJ kelp. Not bad but without Radar it is a little spooky doing this the first time.
    Got to LJ and it cleared up nicely so I drifted and soaked some deans with no luck at all. Enjoyed the sun which was HOT until about 8:30 when the fog came back in with a vengence :( :o Almost got warm enough to take my shoes off!

    Drifted around with the yaks and a few other boats for nada, made bait with some macks and then the sea lions woke up for breakfast and from then on it was almost impossible to keep a dean or mack out in the water for longer than 15 minutes before a sea lion yanked it off and left the head.
    I moved, I turned off the bait pump I prayed and I yelled but those pricks followed me everywhere!!! I even tried to drop one off with another boat (Dos Amigos) but before long the sea lion found me again.

    Not one good bite that was not a Dog :(
    Jason I feel your pain!!! Give me the skunk avatar:confused:

    First time not catching at least a ling or a log.....damn!

    Headed back in about 12:00 through the fog which got thicker as I got closer to the mouth of MB harbor.
    At the mouth as I passed it was so thick I could barely make out the ends of the jettys on both sides, mostly just one side.
    It was not a problem using the GPS to get there but a little spooky not knowing who else was out there
    and right at the mouth I ran up on another boat just drifting right outside the harbor entrance...all of a sudden there he was.
    One thing which helped me was knowing the swells and which way they should be coming at me as I ran from LJ to MB. It really helped me know I was going parrallel (sp) to the coast or heading in toward shore slightly once I got around LJ kelp bed. Got me around the north end or the LJ kelp and then angled in to the MB entrance just perfect.

    Maybe next week will be better.
    I do know that I would not want to have been out in that fog on a weekend!!! :( :o


    Here is a clear AM at LJ

  2. Hirize

    Fog has moved in :mad: :(

  3. Hirize

    This sucker was about 400 lbs and brazen.
    Missed the pic of the two making next years crop on the edge of the kelp. Damn shit eating grin on the males face.gunz gunz gunz

  4. Hirize

    Here is the Sea World tower at about 12:00.
    Looked like it might have cleared up a little around 1:00 pm.

  5. branman

    Thanks for the report and sorry to hear about the dogs. You'll get um next time (the fish that is) :D

    Remember "Go slow when the vis is low" :D
  6. Surfdoc

    Good job on getting back in, It dose get hairy out there when the fog decides to lay down.
  7. Vermonster

    No fish Peter??? Well, at least the water looks better than It was when we last tried it... :D

    Glad to see you back on the water!!!!
  8. TheShark

    Damn Seals!

    Damn Fog!

    Next trip will be better! Glad your back safe

  9. Hirize

    Next time its foggy you gotta go with me and do the suffering alongside so we can earn a few WSB and YT at LJ.
    Gotta pay our dues......:D :(

    That fog will tighten up your sphicter;)


    think you can take a sick day next week??? Call me if you can any but Wed.