5-2-07 SD Bay Bassing

Discussion in 'The Bass Fishing Club' started by The OG Hooookup, May 2, 2007.

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  1. Launched from Shelter Island at 9am and headed towards the moored boats in Coronado. Drifted through them for 5 small spotties. Moved outside and under the bridge for 1 nice spottie. Headed down to the South Bay and fished outside the channel for a small spottie. Finished up the day in front of the CG Station for a small sandy. I had an early afternoon meeting at work and had to bail. 2 hours on the water and it was gorgeous. Wind came up as I was putting her on the trailer.
  2. Lil Ceez


    Now take me to the Mansion fucker. Im a D lister in my own mind.


    Lil ceez
  3. Dizzole

    First off, NO PICS????:eek: :confused: from you of all people.LOL :D
    2nd,I'm still waiting to see pics of your new ride, how do you like it so far?
    Nice job on getting out there.
  4. ConSeaMate

    Nice!....when do them bonefish bite in the South Bay?
  5. Ceez, you are next on my list homie, seriously. I will take you with me to the next one.
    Dizzole, the new boat is so dope. It's small but rides well in the shit and fishes 2 comfortably. The Bloodyboot and I took it out Saturday and fished all over La Jolla and pl. I'm waiting for my reg. to come so I can get my mex permits and fish the islands. We are definitely going to be taking it off shore this summer.
    Frank, not really sure about them bonefish. I've never caught one.
  6. Lil Ceez

    Right on J. Ill act like i know how to act.....well at first...lol.


    Lil ceez
  7. Papa "J"

    We need to see if that thing fits on my bow and got to SCI....

    Nice job on the fish...
  8. See that guy with the gray hair and beard behind Kendra Wilkinson? That's Joe piastro, Hef's personal security guard. He keeps us all in line!!! Actually, he's one of the coolest mf'ers I've ever met.

  9. Sherm


    Have you ever had any problems with the people who live aboard the moored boats in Coronado? Spyder and I were there yesterday and some fucking dipstick comes out of his boat and starts giving us shit about that being a "PRIVATE MOORING":finger: Goes on and on about us parking in his back yard. Really fucked with our day. I wanted to kick this guys ass for a good half hour before I calmed down. Spyder was ready to call him out to the beach. Just wondering.
  10. gardenmartha

    I've seen the new ride, and it's super sweet!
    Gonna hold you to that offer to go fishin' :D
    Congrats on the Miller Brewing gig, good luck with that tomorrow!
    Need an assistant? :rolleyes: