4-Rod Pedestal Launcher $550

Discussion in 'Boat Accessories' started by benha, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. benha

    I'm building a new rocket launcher for my boat that holds 6 rods. If I can find a good home for the four-rod one I have now that I'll sell it. Otherwise I'm using the rod holders from it on the new one.

    This is a white, launcher with Release Marine no-bolt holders and an aluminum pedestal. The aluminum pedestal has some minor corrosion on it and there are a few dents and dings, but overall it's in good shape. The rod holders themselves have no rust. One has a small dent in the holder body.

    Located in the SF Bay Area. Much prefer local transaction, but would consider shipping under the right circumstances.

    (650) 799-6541

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  2. benha

  3. polfishski

    Sorry but 550.00 a little corroded. Nope. Wait does the rocket launcher come with the rockets. ? Then looks like a smokin deal.:2gunsfiring_v1:
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  4. benha

    Uh huh. You know the the rod holders run $120 or so each new, right? If you went to buy this new it'd be well north of $1200, so for a little minor corrosion on the pedestal this seems pretty fair.

    Anyway, if I can't get my asking for it I'll just take the rod holders for my project. Would cost me $500 to buy new ones...