4 candy bar jigs nice, 200, 112, 150

Discussion in 'General Fishing Crap' started by Hungone, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. Hungone

    I have 4 good used vintage Candy Bar Starmans for sale, the mint and blue one is a 112, the polished and blue and white are 200's and the green/yellow is a 150. Not quite sure what they are worth so shoot me a fair offer, I'm not trying to get rich. These are hard to come by


    Or I'd trade for some Tady's 45's (New) Pm me on how many

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  2. Epp

    sent pm
  3. john in so cal

    Are you serious about trading a scratched up bar for a new tady ?
  4. junkyarded

    PM sent with phone #
  5. rza007

    Tie those on and send them over the rail. Trade for Tady WTF?
  6. Hungone

    Pm's replied, will let the others know if this deal doesn't go through
  7. Hungone

  8. Hungone

    Eric, they are in the mail Priority 2-3 day, should get there Wed
  9. Epp

    thanks bud ill get your jig in the mail tomorrow 4/24