4/14- 4/15 Good Fun

Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Reports' started by Morris Lures, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. Morris Lures

    Sorry for the late report. Been super busy working late and a bunch of other things going on.

    Saturday 4/14

    Headed out towards Kaena just like everyone else and their mother :rofl:. I guess everyone got the same report that I got that there were big shibi on the 40. Did one pass through the area and decided to head straight out. On the way out we luck out and snagged a 15lb Kawakawa. We keep heading past where CO used to be and see some birds ahead. Get into the birds with 2 other boats and start to pick up some small yellow fin, kind of on the small side so throw them back and continue to play the birds. After a little while birds keep moving out with everyone else in tow.

    Out of the corner of his eye Ahab spots a parachute in the water. Makes a fast turn and all 5 poles go. Boat 5 big eye shibi in the 10-20 range. Everyone else kept heading out with the birds and we had the parachute all to our selves for a while. Only me and Ahab so guess who had to do all the work while someone barked orders from the bridge :rofl:.

    3 hours later and the ice is starting to run low so we decide its time to head back.

    We lucked out and got
    412lbs of big eye
    97lbs of Mahi
    15lb Kawakawa
    22lbs of Ono
    36lbs of Aku

    Not to bad for busting my a$$ for 3 hours.

    The only down fall is that I only got a single angle video with the gopro of 2 hours of straight action. So hopefully i can turn it in to something for everyone to enjoy.

    Sunday 4/15

    We get to Koolina first thing in the morning with the plan to go look for the parachute one more time. This time at least we got crew since Colby came. Load up a butt load of ice and head out. Long story short get 20+ miles outside of Kaena and cant find a thing, not even a bird. Get beat up for a while and decide to come in a run the inside.

    Ended up picking up
    2 Hebi
    2 Mahi

    In all was a awesome weekend and will make some awesome memories for me and the old man.

    Enjoy the PICS...


    Got a butt load more awesome pics but that's enough fish Porn for now.
  2. Kai330

    Not a bad day for "busting ass"! Awesome pics!!!
  3. patfishhi

    Nick, Capt Ahab and Sunday Colby,
    Very nice haul there, glad to see the Capt taking some pics while underway. There is no better way to bust one's azz. Way to go...


    Nice catch Nick and Capt. Love that last photo of the fish checking you out. To bad you couldn't find it again on sunday.
  5. Ali Admin

    Awesome report and pics!
  6. changboy

    Nick, what a problem to have, good going on the cool underwater pic's!
  7. Pinoy Fisherman

    Awesome! I won't mind being dead tired at the end of the day with that awesome catch and pics. Someday...
  8. Da.Ching808

    Did u mount gopro under boat? Or rig somewhere?

  10. russell kato

    Hey Nick and Capt. Ahab,
    Wow!! You guys have been cleaning up on your last two trips! Way to go with all the shibis and nice mixed bag of Mahis, Ono, Akus and hebi making for a very productive weekend on the water! With all that action coming out of Waianae I quess I better start getting my a$$ out there and try catch some fish before its all gone. Looks like one of the best Mahimahi seasons on the West side that I can remember! BTW, great pics!
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2012
  11. Pupule

    Woah, Nick, you really hammered 'em! That's one impressive load of fish!
  12. BNaks

    Congrats on your latest catches and cool pics... The underwater pics are mean. Can't wait to hit the water again, I like buss my ass like that too. Lol.
  13. nodrama

    Nick and Capt. Nice going on an awesome weekend!!! Nick nice pics brah!!!
  14. Gaji Lures

    Congratulations on a great day, Nick! Always enjoy the detailed report, as well as the super vids or outstanding pics!!! Blessings to the one in the oven, Brah!
  15. Startmeup Advertiser

    That's what I call an epic weekend. Good going.

  16. Happy Endings

    Nick...those troll pro underwater shots are amazing...good job!
  17. crazyboat

    Amazing day! Good job Ahab!
  18. nekine

    nick, nice looking catch and pics. looks like some ono grinds wtg
  19. hanapaakikijo

    Hanapa'a again Nick and Ahab! Pictures are great too!
  20. backlashjack

    Oh wow, that's awesome!
    sick pix