$300 4 person charter, Puertecitos BCN

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by gonetobaja, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. gonetobaja

    Whats up BDers!! I am going to post up some shots of our 23" center console that we charter south of San Felipe.


    Charter is $300 per day and we can take 4 fishermen, or divers out for the entire day. Cost includes Captian (Naty), fuel for the day and launch fees. You need to bring your own Mex license and gear.

    Natys direct cell # is 011-52-1-686-116-3814. The cell coverage south of San Felipe is bad so if there is no answer leave a message and phone number so he can call you back.

    We also have a REAL dive compressor for filling tanks that is new. No tank rentals but we can fill your tanks for you now!

    We can provide transportation from San Felipe to the launch ramp in Puertecitos and back also.

    Hope to see some of you guys in 2010.

    Tight lines

  2. sandiegofisherm

    is she the capt ? im in oh boy
  3. gonetobaja

    HAHAHA! Theres an angle. Hot chick deck hands....
  4. Big A's

    Is the pangera included?
  5. fishbuck

    Does the $300 include the panga or just the hottie?

    Sorry Dale I couldn't resist!
  6. pascuale

    That Panga looks sick Dale! I would love to come fish the Golden Reef. Is that possible? Do you have the GPS Coord for it?
  7. fishbuck

    Where's the bait tank?
  8. gonetobaja

    Happy New Year!!

    Pascuale, how have you been man. We have the numbers for golden reef. You already know its weather dependent if its fishable or not. Thats the beauty of the deal now. No 5 day trips, just come down and charter the boat out if you think its good.


    $300 only covers the boat and captain. With the money you save from having to drive down, insure, and then fix the messed up stuff on your own boat you can go into San Felipe and spend your savings on other things.

    That is the only thing we dont have yet on the boat. A livewell. Most of our fishing is done with lures of various types and we do alot of diving and spearfishing. We need to get a bait tank for it so we can have that for people that want to go out and make bait. Live bait is the best for grouper anyway. BUt the berkley Gulp lures nail them also.

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!
  9. fishbuck

    "go into San Felipe and spend your savings on other things."

    I like the plan so far.
  10. gonetobaja


    Im not just a guide, Im a financial adviser also. I break down my clients portfolio into 4 main parts...

    1. Fishing:jig:
    2. Women:loverz:
    3. Alcohol:hali_olutta:
    4. Fishing (cause you can never go fishing enough...):jig:

    I stay on the cutting edge of financial science by drinking 12 packs and then taking notes on how much money I saved by eating only fish I caught my self...I tried go get a job at a major financial institution but when I offered the guy a beer from my back pack at the interview he said something about drunken fishing guides and then someone put me in a headlock and then I was on the sidewalk. What pissed me off is that I left that beer on his desk...

    People are not ready for my financial genius to be let out onto the world.
  11. fishbuck

    Now this is a "Stimulus" plan I can support.:food-smiley-014::jig::profile::boobies: