30+ Yellows on the San Diego so far...

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by BrokenBackRebel, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. BrokenBackRebel

    Sounds like fishing was good so far this morning. Most of the fish were caught on the Yo-Yo so far today. George said they caught a lot of fish on the surface plug yesterday as well as the heavy jigs.

    Go get 'em!

    :jig: :jig: :jig: :jig:


    57 Yellowtail
    and they're on their way home
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  2. sitonmyface

    Only 1 on the yoyo yesterday, 1 on bait. All the rest were on the PLUG:smoking33:
  3. pukahd

    Ok, im gonna get flamed for this but what is the "plug" that they are referring to ?

    Trolling the plugs ? Surface plugs ?
  4. sitonmyface

    Surface iron....sportboat slang.
  5. pukahd

    Surface Iron....ok.....Im ole school and can keep up with the new slang.....I hope the terms chovies, dines, squirts, cudas, tails, sewer trout, bones, are still around.

    Thank !
  6. TadyHawK

  7. sitonmyface

    Yeah, those all still work.
  8. TopMpg

    Any over two punds?
  9. sitonmyface

    What's a pund? And if you're referring to size they're a decent grade of fish.
  10. medunn16

    Most of the fish were between 4 and 6lubs.
  11. BrokenBackRebel

    15-20lbs was what I heard today

    Hmmm! Right on time......Stan hasn been sayin' all week....... Fred Hall = Yellows
  13. sitonmyface

    That's what they were yesterday....mainly around 15 though.
  14. phingst

    Where it's a big ocean.
  15. harryo

    Hey Justin, Thanks for the report. Heard about it at the show. I'm stuck here for the rest of the show. Oh, well, hope the fishies are around Mon. Seaya!
  16. Fishingguy

    damn all this talk about yellows has me contemplating about running a 1.5 day trip down south to get some yellows.....