3 day cod trip aboard the Fortune

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by wahoodad, Oct 21, 2011.

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  1. wahoodad

    I have a 3 day trip with Bruce Smith on the newly acquired Samurai, which he is re-naming the Fortune (the name before the current)

    I've fished with Bruce on the Shogun for a long time, and enjoyed many of the freezer specials they run during the springtime.
    So Bruce gave me the dates right after the Fred Hall Long Beach show for my first 3 day freezer trip on his new boat.

    We leave Fisherman's Landing March 16th, a Friday. Bruce wants us down there early, because he wants to reach some spots further south than the normal 3 day freezer trips. We return to San Diego on Monday the 19th, at 7 am.

    Trip is limited to 20, cost is $475, includes meals.

    As of now, Bruce doesn't have his own office, so book the trips directly through Fisherman's. 619-221-8500, or
  2. Workplacesafety

    Just talked to Louis and my Girl Liane is so stoked she can't believe it. All I have to do is show up around here with some Vermillion Rock fish and it's on.
    I hope I can go Dave, we will see
  3. nick17yz

    is this going to be a baja coast trip? san quintin? how deep would we be fishing on a "rockfish trip"? 150,200, maybe 300?

    sorry for the dumb questions, i think it sounds fun and im wondering if there is a chance for some yellows or seabass.

    i love fishing the big ling honey holes down south too.
  4. wahoodad

    We hope to fish Geranimo the 1st day, then work our way back up to closer areas the second day of fishing. We might fish some deep stuff, but most times it's that 150-200 feet.
  5. nick17yz

    thanks Choater!

    i might have to try that out
  6. El Oso

    Im gonna try and do it.Derek on the Excel says your one good dude and so does Wayne so I gotta fish withg ya and gonna try bring my kids to
  7. wahoodad

    I'm telling you guys, Bruce is going to make this a fun trip. I was checking the boat out yesterday, it's a great rig.
  8. get some BD Writer

    How many rock cod is someone allowed to keep on a 3 day trip in Mex?
  9. petey29

    This would be a great trip,fishing with wahoodad and having Bruce Smith on the helm this would make for a great early b-day fishing trip so tempting...:drool::drool:
  10. RuffWater

  11. wahoodad

    I have no clue what that is. I do know Bruce wants to bring his long range experience to the charter boat, and doubt we'll have dayboat food, if that's what you mean.
  12. Fishybuzz

    Gotta say if rock cod were my thing I'd be on this trip....most folks know my reputation when it comes to reds.....lol

    Heck I just may go for the ride anyways.....
  13. Workplacesafety

    You know David it isn't my thing either, that being said my girl loves Vermillion Rock Fish...and I can tell you if I go on this trip, well it will be worth it, that's all. Now for whatever reason my brother Louis lives to fish rock fish. I think that's a little weird but that's just him...I'm going if at all possible

    Later, Jeff
  14. Workplacesafety

    What is a bed burrito trip?
  15. wahoodad

    I dunno, but nobody's slipping their burrito in me while I'm in bed, no sir :rofl:
  16. Workplacesafety

    Don't suppose so...scrappy mfer still wonder about that comment please advise
  17. RuffWater

    the only bb i am aware of is made with cheese, eggs, bacon, potatoes placed in a tortilla. and on some boats this is the height of the cooks culinary abilities for breakfast. since most of the time spent on a trip is spent not fishing other amenities like food, the salon area and bunks or staterooms are very important to me also.
  18. fishfish

    Hey Choate, Just wonderin' if the Fortune has single bunks or staterooms? Thx,Gerry.
  19. Rodless_Jim

    All I can say is that fishing with Bruce Smith is ALWAYS worth the price of admission.

    I live in Mexico City, so a trip like this is really hard for me to do. That being said, I do visit the US fairly frequently, and San Diego is my most common destination. It is not IMPOSSIBLE that one of my visits could coincide with this trip...or that I could nudge one of my visits to coincide, anyway.

    If I CAN be on the charter, I WILL be.
  20. seriola_killer

    Fished this boat numerous times with Oliver when it was the Samurai. Definitely a fishy lil rig. Speaking of Mr. Yee, do you know if he is working another SD boat?