2nd Year Military Kids Fishing Trip!........

Discussion in 'Events Forum' started by ConSeaMate, May 31, 2012.

  1. ConSeaMate

    OK guys......I have an OK from Capt. Fred Huber on the Daily Double that we will be doing another Military Kids Fishing trip........penciled in on July 28th.......we had a great response last year and have some money left but we will still need some donations to pull this off.......I know times are tough but if you can please send some cash in for the trip......I will also need about 8 guys or gals to help with the kids on the boat.........We all had a great time last year and would love to make this a yearly thing if not twice a year......Thanks to all that helped last year and to those that are going to help this year.......

    I have a paypal account but if you use it please send the money as a gift so that paypal does not take a cut......

    checks sent to....
    Frank Swietlik
    27375 Mountain Meadow Rd
    Escondido Ca. 92026
  2. Saluki

    I in for helping out with $$.

    I can make some PG-13 balloon animals.

    Thanks again for coordinating this.
  3. @-EZ

  4. ConSeaMate

    I was going to have it on the same day as last year but your guys follies fell on that date......that's why I changed it to the 28th........I'm not sure how long the fireworks go off in the bay or I might push it back a week.......but I want to make sure the fireworks are still going off!......
  5. @-EZ


    P.S. That kill bag came in handy a few days ago. ;)
  6. Doda2na

    Will cut you a check today Frank. This is a great cause. Thank you very much for your time and efforts.
  7. ConSeaMate

    Thank You Brandon......paypal received.......
  8. ConSeaMate

  9. Fishbones

    That's a good looking Dude in the black sweatshirt and blue shorts[​IMG]

    My wife and I are in Frank with cash and helping out. I declined going on Maggies fishing trip because it is Kelle's Birthday weekend and thought we would be out of town. No she can spend it helping kids out.[​IMG]
  10. I'M OFF

    Hey Frank, I'M OFF is now I'm IN! for helping out on the 28th..

    I can help with some dollars also.

    Bubblers are gay!
  11. Ali

    Let me know what you need. I can do custom shirts or cash....
  12. ConSeaMate

    Ali the shirts were a BIG hit with the kids last time........something they get to take home and have memories of.......
  13. nunyabizness1

    Great job organizing this again Frankie! I'm looking forward to being there to help and to take pics.
  14. sealskinner

    Talked to Fred on the DD today. Everything is a GO. Just need to finalize a date.
  15. Carl

    I'll help Frank. I can fish before the trip and tell my fish stories to everyone on board. Then I'll re-tell them on the charter with embellishments added based on the audience reaction from the kids trip...:shakin:
  16. @-EZ


    Your little statement may have held more water if it were presented this way;
    Then I'll re-tell them on the charter, with embellishments added, based on the audiences reaction from the kids trip...



    Good on you and Snaggie for stepping up to the plate to volunteer.

    I'm still working on it. :cool:
  17. Carl

    What I failed to add, in addition to commas, was "while winning another Snaggie Charter Championship :urno1:",,,,,,,,,,,,,,!
  18. Tues

    Let me know if you need any more help dude as all I can do is $$ from 400 miles away.

    Good for you for doing this!
  19. ConSeaMate

    Thanks Tues......It would be cool if you could make the trip some how.......
  20. stucktip

    What is this trip? If I'm ex- military can i get my kid on it? :cheers:

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