24 to 28ft cuddy/pilot house

Discussion in 'Pacific North West Classifieds' started by Easytosee, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. Easytosee

    I need to sell my boat first but I'm getting quite a bit of interest. I'm looking for a 24-28ft (preferably 26) boat with a cuddy cabin or pilot house with an alsakan bulkhead. Its got to seat 4 comfortably, have a self bailing deck, and have twin outboards. I don't care if its aluminum or glass as long as its my price range. Something like an Osprey, Seasport, Northriver O/S etc. Let me know if you or anyone you know might be interested in selling.
  2. Spokaloo

    Chad, what IS your price range?

    Lots of options out there, and if you are willing to be creative, some serious bargains can be had.

  3. Easytosee

    My budget is 80K. I'm pretty open to what brand and style, but I'm gonna be picky about the twin outboards, self bailing and the locking back door (alaskan bulkhead). I also want nice high sides, a lot of boats, even some seasports have fairly low gunnels on the back deck, I want them about waist high, which isn't too hard for me since I'm a short fucker and 30-36 inches would be ideal. I have until April to find the boat so lots of time. If times weren't so tough I'd just order the boat I want, but thats not the case so this doesn't have to be the dream boat, just something that will slay the shit out of some fish and be a little more offshore worthy than the Redhot
  4. Spokaloo

    So do you want high sides or a deep cockpit? High sides make for a boat that gets blown around more in the wind (read: blown off bait stops, hard to dock) and can be less seaworthy if combined with self bailing decks. Keep in mind the higher you are, the easier to roll the boat over because of weight distribution.

    Why not talk to Bo over at Defiance? He has a line on many of his customer's used boats and trade in's that could be in your price range.

    Another option, given your line of work, is to consider building your own. It's easier than production furniture construction, and is a close cousin to carpentry (structural work, finish work, trim and detail work). You'd get EXACTLY what you want, because you'd put whatever you want wherever you want it.

  5. Easytosee

    I will contact Bo thats a good idea, I've searched for used defiance boats but theres not many out there, there are other styles I like better but they seem to make a great boat.
    I want tall sides, the Northriver O/S is great, really tall hits you right at your waist and you sit a little above water line so the water bails out a lot better.
    I'm pretty good with my hands but building a boat just wouldn't interest me. Way too many other things going on, although that would be a rewarding.
  6. Glad Wrap

    I know it doesn't meet you outboard requirements but I think Tower Todd is selling his boat.
  7. Spokaloo

    Scott makes a GREAT point. I've fished on the ISO KALA, she's as sick as they come for a fishing platform (and would surprise you as to what a lower cockpit depth really can fish like).

  8. Glad Wrap

  9. Easytosee

    Thanks for the suggestions guys but Todds boat isnt at all what I'm looking for, althought its a pretty badass boat.
  10. zmanszmail

    I have been paying close attention to the Aluminum boats coming out of Canada and they have some sweet stuff!
    Silver streak Boats-Customizable and affordable
    and Northwest Aluminum Craft Inc (No website, but these are nice Boats. The Charter fleet out of Port Renfrew is usually running one of these, they're built like tanks)
  11. Easytosee

    The silver streak boats are badass, I was just in one about a week ago. I can't afford one new though and they are hard to find used especially set up the way I want. I'm definitely keeping an eye out for a boat like that though. If anyone hears or sees one for sale let me know...
  12. tacklejacked

  13. tacklejacked

    Seriously though I saw a Osprey on craigslist yesterday, 26 ft but it has a diesel.....probably not what you want but a kick ass boat. Ill try and find it again.
  14. Fishnski

    I like the Osprey line of boats...Take a look at Master Marine in Mount Vernon .....
    Master Marine Services (Mount Vernon, WA)

    Don't rush it ...half the fun of a new boat is looking for juuuust the riiiiight one.

    Good Luck!!
  15. jgerken

    I am biased but love my Osprey. Diesel is the way to go if you're going to keep it. Good luck!
  16. Easytosee

    I have actually been talking to that guy Greg, he is intersted in trading for my boat plus cash. We will see how it goes though I'm not in a hurry and he is really trying to rush it. Looks like a nice boat though
  17. Easytosee

    I just re read your post Greg that's a different osprey, I'm talking to a guy with twin 140 suzukis on a 26 long cabin, he really likes my boat but we will see. Thanks for all the input guys
  18. Pete1313

    Chad -

    There is a brand new 2008 osprey 24 fisherman in CA that is being liquidated on a bank flooring line that was pulled. Its pretty loaded, but I'd add a radar arch and aft station.

    New Boats

    I've seen it on Seattle Craigslist for over a year on and off. Comes with a trailer

    Don't know anything about the boat or the guy, but it is a brand new osprey! Its priced at $59k, no motors, but rigged for yammies. If your'e budget is $80k, that leave just close to enough room for powering.

    They also have a brand new 26' seasport charter series w/o power on it too.

    I've seen that osprey you're talking about - its listed at IMC on Lopez. I think that boat was in charter service at one point...but not sure.

    Good luck and have fun shopping!
  19. Waterdog247

  20. Easytosee

    Thanks Pete, I've been in touch with the guy about the seasport, he only wants 70k for a brand new 26ft charter series seasport...great deal but not in my budget since it still needs motors and all electronics, I'd be well over 100k. I will look into the 24 osprey, although I have a pretty good line on a 26 osprey thats exactly what I want, plus a big silver streak (it makes me wet) so we will see what I can do, the guy with the osprey would take my boat as a trade... that would be ideal. Its the same Osprey listed on IMC, it only has 350 hours though so I don't think it was used for charters, at least not with those motors.

    The campion is a nice boat but not what I'm looking for.