238 for dodo July 29

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Fishing Addict, Jul 31, 2006.

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    Short version: 4 dodo( medium sized), 2 nice yellowtail (20-25lbs), kept about 5 bonita for the smoker. Place was the 238 and water temp was 73-74.4 degrees.

    Long version:
    Went out of the Marina Coral for some offshore fishing and diving. Headed out to the 238 early in the morning with two buddies. Saw some boils at the south end of todos santos island. We had an instand hookup on 5 rods, the fish were 10 pound bonita. Continued to troll around the boils for 15 minutes or so to see if we could scrounge a yellow or two. No yellows, kept 10 or so bones for chum. Continued out to the 238 at a steady 8 knots. The water temp was steadily on the rise as we ventured out. Made it to the 238 and saw alot of dolphin schools working the area.
    Water was pretty off color, but it cleaned up real nice once we got to the bank. Started trolling some b/p, b/g, and orange/yellow jigs, and cedar plug too. Looked for kelp paddies and found lots of them. Some were "paddie motels" as I like to call them, big. However, 90% of the paddies we found were not holding any fish.
    Jumped them to find nice 80-100ft vis, but no fish. Finally I spotted a boil off the starboard side and we got a tripple hookup on dodo. They were medium sized fish (15-18lbs). The dodo were free-swimming, no paddies or floatsam in sight. Boated all 3 fish and continued on. Water temp was 74.4 degrees at the time. Found another small paddie and got a double hookup on dodo. Boated one fish, but lost the other at boat side. After that we decided to troll south of the 238. Ran into the dolphin school again and spotted a marlin (~100-130lbs) crusing with them. He made a bee-line straight for the boat and followed the jigs, but did not want to take any. We changed colors and boxed the area, no results.

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