20ft. Bayrunner Baja

Discussion in 'Members Boats For Sale' started by igetseasick, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. igetseasick

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  2. ratboy

  3. igetseasick

    Thanks. I added it.
  4. gonzo25

    Are you selling your boat because you get sea sick?
  5. igetseasick

    Ha ha no, it's my dad's boat. He gave it to me to sell so I could buy a tent trailer, but I do get sea sick.
  6. yellowklr

    San Diego?
  7. igetseasick

    San Diego county, city of Chula Vista.
  8. robertsfv

  9. hotrail20

    smoking deal out this should go quick
  10. TMaschmeyer96

    what yeare is the boat?
  11. igetseasick

  12. Dale321

    Nice little rig? I like the custom tongue condom....

    nice rig, if i sell my skippy ill be giving you a ring.
  14. igetseasick

  15. daweez

    Bummer. Almost had the wife convinced. Congrats on the sale