2013 salmon season prediction

Discussion in 'Northern California Fishing Reports' started by karlk1125, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. karlk1125

    What are you guys predicting for this season?
  2. Derby

    A good year!
  3. stella marina

    It's going to be WO all season, I promise. I can't wait to get the other pink meat. only six weeks to go, (hopefully).
  4. OTHGV

    Love pink meat!
    Hatch reports should be out this week.
  5. karlk1125

    I cant believe its taken that long for it to get out!
    I'm predicting that this season will be about on par as last, but we wont get that late season lull where the salmon out of bodega disappeared for a month cuz the water got ridiculously clear. And I'm predicting that the salmon are going to be bigger. There was an ungodly amount of feed in the water...there are going to be many more 30-40lb fish hitting the deck in bodega this year than last. I dont know if there even was a 40lb salmon reported out of bodega.
  6. JFK

    Krill is already stacking up at the edge of the hole...whales are already there. All those jacks last year should be nice keeper size this year. Can't see it being a bad season.
  7. Bajabil3

    I'm moving from Ensenada Baja California, to Bakersfield then on to the Delta area. Where are some good places to fish for salmon, also are there party boats, or does one need to charter?
  8. karlk1125

    Early in the season any of the 3 ports in Monterey Bay will offer excellent salmon fishing, then when June comes along HMB, GG, and Bodega will experience great fishing. Do you have your own boat? If you do I'd highly recommend fishing on a 6 pac boat. The 6 pacs will fish just like you will on your own boat so you'll be able to learn a lot more.
  9. Reuben

    Did that prediction get released yet? Cant wait to read what it says!
  10. Elkhitman

    I read on USAfishing.com that a party boat was fishing Sand Dabs out of Bodega and caught 2 Salmon weighing in the teens. This was about 3 weeks ago.
  11. karlk1125

    theres been many reports of guys catching salmon while dab fishing...gonna be a great year!
  12. Phat Boat

    I went online at the DFG(W) and found the link to the material presented at last nights meeting(thursday 3/1) on salmon. From what I could gather it looked like the run was predicted at 800 000+ for sac and 700 000+ for Klamath. Those look to be some big numbers. I hope I read through the material correctly.
  13. karlk1125

    Jon that is epic!!!! I cant wait to whack and stack this year! I have a feeling this is gonna be a great year out of bodega...CANT WAIT!
  14. Reuben

    Thats excellent news guys! After i finish up in Monterey Bay, i might just run my sled up to Bodega to run with you guys Karl! Its going to be epic!
  15. stella marina

    can't wait!!!! I'm jonesing over here.
  16. Lone Shark

    We had a killer 2012 week/ season on the Klamath....however return was not close to the massive prediction. May mean 13 will be epic or dfg doesnt know shit lol
  17. Keith K

  18. Keith K

  19. Phat Boat

  20. fishmstr

    I think it will be another epic year...been hearing coms getting salmon all winter!