2012 yellowtail tournament

Discussion in '2012 Yellowtail Shootout' started by trophywa, Feb 2, 2012.

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  1. trophywa

    Any info on dates or if there is going to be one this year?
  2. Ali Admin

    The Yellowtail ShootOut Tournament will be back for it's six year. We are in the process of locking in the date, but most like it will be on June 23.

    We will have a formal announcement shortly.
  3. trophywa

    Thanks, Ali any thoughts of the fishing area or if you'll have visas available at check-in?
  4. Philligan

    Can't wait....It is a great event.
  5. jaydawg77

    I'll be in Florida this year. Maybe next year!

    When will registration be open for the derby?
  7. Ali Admin

    We will open up registration this week.
  8. sparkys3006

    Any body looking for a 2nd or 3rd member for the YTS 2012? I have my own gear, Both Califorina and Mexico fishing licenses are good, and my passport is current. I have not missed a BloodyDeck tournament yet, and I do not want to start now. My situation is my original team cannot participate this season and the boat is out of town. I will pay my portion of the entry fee/jackpot, and my share of gas, and Bait. I can even help clean your boat at the end of the day. My name is Dave and I can be reached at davidson.e.david@gmail.com .