2010 Yellowtail Shootout

Discussion in '2010 Yellowtail Shootout' started by Ready4TheYellow, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. Ready4TheYellow

    Jason can Waverunners join this year? Maybe as individual 1 man teams?
  2. Phat Boat

    How about 3 fish combined weight for a team and not just the one fish for a person on a team. Actually makes a team.
  3. BuonaForTuna

    How about are we going to have a shoot out this year?
  4. Ready4TheYellow

    How about you :finger: yourself and take it :indabutt: :food-smiley-014:LOL
  5. Ready4TheYellow

    That could work too.
  6. BuonaForTuna

    Why are you even worried about it dickface you get seasick in the first 2 minutes
  7. Ali Admin

    We'll talk over the wave runner issue and get back to you guys....

    YES! The offshore shootout is back this year. PLEASE help us by registering early. The last minute registrations is what killed the event last year.

    We have done the 3 fish total weight thing and it just doesnt' work that well for distributing prizes, etc. In the end we changed the format to focus on the largest individual

    Dates are June 25-27 and registration will be open any day now.

    Thanks for your support guys...
  8. BuonaForTuna

    Sweet If you guys need help let me know
  9. Ready4TheYellow

    We need a bathroom attendant...:rofl:
  10. Ready4TheYellow

    Thanks Ali...damn I'm out I chartered the Spectra that weekend.
  11. Saluki

    Team Hanna will be in for sure.
  12. BuonaForTuna

    perfect job for you since you spent our whole trip in the shitter.
  13. @-EZ

    I canceled out of my Alaska fishing trip this year in order to participate in this YT event.

    It better happen.. :Exploding_Smiley:
  14. Dos Locos

    Team Dos Locos will be there to take your money......
  15. Phat Boat

    When did the format get changed? I thought the 5 fish worked well for the offshore tourney where by the way we had the second largest fish and won nothing.
  16. Dos Locos

    If I'm not mistaken, I believe he was talking about the format for the Yellowtail Shootout and mistakingly called it the Offshore Shootout.
  17. ConSeaMate

    If someone catches a BIG yellow tail in the next few days ....please contact me asap.....a Very fair price will be paid for it........
  18. Surfdoc

    Damn........gonna be a great tournament, registration isn't even open and ya'll are sling shit at each other!!!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone else fish................again..:(

  19. Trayscool

    Im down...even though we cant catch a yellow to save our lives LOL
  20. rtmorandi

    Team McLovin is registered and ready to defend our 5th place from two years ago!