2010 Yellowtail Shootout comments thread

Discussion in '2010 Yellowtail Shootout' started by Marcus, Jun 28, 2010.

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  1. Marcus

    We at BD always want to make sure our tourneys are the best in SoCal. We'd like to hear your comments on any suggestions, compliments on how the tournament went.

    If you didn't fish the tournament but thought about it please let us know what your reasoning was to not join up.

    We want to continue to make this the best event of the year.

  2. Tues

    Yellowtail are gay...

    From a fan of BD..

    I would like to see web camera's set up. It's a web based tourney, I would to see the shit behind the scenes, as a reality show, as it plays out...
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  3. sealskinner

    I liked the tourney. Even though we didn't catch shit.

    Maybe if you banned Tailchasers and LTBOLTMAN for a couple years there might be some better participation.:rofl::rofl:
  4. Marcus

    Lol, no shit. Winners 2 out of 4 tournaments. Winners of the Dash for Cash in 2 out of 4 tournaments.

    I think they know how to fish yellowtail........
  5. Afry

    Had a lot of fun and will do it again if nothing else just so Tailchasers and LTBOLTMAN will have some prize monies to collect. :2gunsfiring_v1:

    But why have all the "breaks" at the awards? It got a little slow - kinda like dial up LOL. I know the Sheraton doesn't cut you in on the beer sales so once you start the program - get er done!

    Besides I can only pretend to like everyone there for so long and then they start to see through my bullshit. :D

    Otherwise, it ran MUCH smoother without Ali there playing grab ass with the pretty girls....:boobies:
  6. Babu

    Dash for cash check in at SD Bay also.
  7. Cory Admin

    If you guys have negative things about the tournament you dont want to post up, send a PM to Marcus or myself. We are always looking for ways to make the tournanement better for you guys.
  8. Smudge

    Hold it when I'm in town.... :D
  9. the junky

    Can you please kill about 200 seals at the islands first before the tournament starts. Or maybe import some whites from lupe. HA HA HA

    LOLLOLLOL..... maybe we can post something on our game plan to level the playing field...LOL
  11. Sherm

    I like the tournament alot. Except for the fact that I haven't won it yet.

    I agree on the breaks during the awards ceremony. People were looking at the clock towards the end.

    I did notice one thing the first and second place teams had in common..............they both have their insurance through my agency. :rofl:
  12. Sherm

    I had the same game plan.......I just didn't exicute as well as you did Leo. You guys can fish that's for sure.

    I did get you though. I told you I was coming to get ya. The look on your teams faces (two different times) was priceless bro. All in fun you know:rofl:
  13. Sluester

    I've had a couple guys come up and comment on a few things. Nothing new.

    why not kayaks
    why not jet skies
    make a couple different categories/divisions. big fish, most total weight (all YT)
    There are always complaints about cost/economy.

    A couple things I get asked at the Banquet.
    Can I purchase more raffle tickets?
    My team couldn't show up but I have their meal/raffle bracelets, can I get a ticket for each one?

    I know these are not new and have been brought up and addressed but it seems like they always come up again.

    I couldn't believe there were only 6 boats entered in the Dash for cash. Especially since there were reports of fish being caught so close this year?
  14. Kareem Korn

    I like the tournament the way it is. :)

    But, I liked it better when the after party was held at Dana. It just seemed more of a fishermans party area. At the Sheraton it reminds me of a work type of confrence.

    you played me like a hooked fish in a barrel LOL
  16. Sherm

    You'll never trust me again.

    after we talked, I turned to Tim and said "maybe Scott has bad eyesight" LOL
  18. reebslures

    I was a lucky 3rd place in this tourny, and new we were contenders with our fish. I pumped my 6 and 8 year old up to go to the banquet with me, only to find out right before I left with them that there's an additional $35 bucs a head to attend. They were so bummed. I'm poor so it wasn't going to happen. I then heard kids get in free after I got there....WTF? Maybe get information out about the banquet costs for guests and family before hand. Just a thought, and thanks BD for a great tourny.
  19. nunyabizness1

    Comments given to me by various BDers and Anglers, not my own, just passing on the comments:

    1. Cost is high for avg. person to afford tournament entry and banquet cost for family (I explained the cost of the banquet is high)

    2. Some liked the location as a "classier place" to hold the banquet while others suggested a lower cost location to make it more affordable. Mixed comments here.

    3. Food at Banquet: good selection and tasty. Drinks: Overpriced! $8 for a beer?

    4. Some comments on the structure of the contest: (prefers total weight of 5 fish compared to the biggest fish)

    5. Speed up the prize giveaway timeframe, don't drag it out (We did shorten the time but I think the last break taken could have been eliminated. When I saw people leaving who had already won their raffle prize, I asked Todd to start back up.)

    6. Sell raffle tickets to those other than anglers so everyone has a chance to win. (I personally like that the anglers who paid good money to get in the tournament are the ones who win the prizes. Maybe there can be 2 sets of raffle prizes? One strictly for the anglers and the other for guests? What do the anglers think of keeping the raffle only for the anglers?)

    7. Free parking in the dirt lot out front but had to pay for parking by the tent. They didn't like that.

    8. Captain's meeting is much more efficient compared to previous years.
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  20. Sherm

    I almost came over to tell you guys I was bullshittin..........but then that would be so out of character for me.:cheers: