2007 Thom Hultgen Memorial 8 Day

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by sdangler, Jun 30, 2007.

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  1. sdangler


    I can't speak for everyone but I was waiting for this trip all year.

    The morning of the 22nd brought bad news to a lot of us... We put a pic of Chance up in the galley and it remained there for the entire trip. RIP man wherever you are.

    We left a little after 11 AM since we had to wait for someone that had some kind of school commitment. WEAK!

    We got bait and Randy gave the speech. Cedros or the Rocks since both were not getting good reports right then. G-spot asks about making bait and pays the price.


    The next morning it's going to be Alijos and although we were disappointed that we wouldn't fish on Saturday we made the best of it. By the way the DVD player was out on the boat and that really sucked.

    Sunday at 7 AM we're 30 miles from the rocks and had a good breakfast. Everyone is geared up and ready to go. we anchor up at 10:30 and pick away at the YFT and dink yellows. Jackpot fish was caught by Jerry/Wreckingball.

    Monday we cruised around and picked at the YFT. the guys that were fishing the dropper loop had some luck.

    This is Ron with a 57.7# YT. I won't tell you about his celebration as those pics are sure to come out at some point.

    Randy made the decision to go to Thetis bank that afternoon and off we went.

    Tuesday morning we were 40 miles from Thetis and looking for paddys. We pulled up to a WFO YT bite at around 10 AM and loaded up on 20-40# YT for about 4 hours.

    Wednesday we made our way up through the Rosa bank and up towards Cedros for shit. A few peanut YFT and Dorado. The weather is really starting to suck and sleep is hard to come by.

    Thursday we pull into Cedros at 4:30 AM and anchor up. A couple WSB and YT in the AM and then Mikey hooks up with his first legal biscuit.


    We cruise around the island and Cuda hooks a Halibut on the bass gear...


    You knew it was pretty good by the pics.




    Drew the cook had a crush on George and made him a special breakfast...


    At 3 PM we pulled into the most impressive display of YT (30-40# fish) at Cedros that Randy had ever seen. The whole boat was bit instantly and we only farmed a couple in the first round and then proceded to finish out our YT limits right there.

    Friday; weather sucks and we are looking for Albies. We finally find the right school late in the afternoon in shitty weather but still manage to pick up 70 Albies in the 20-30# range and a few BFT. Weather sucks!

    Jerry won a gift certificate for any pair of Maui Jim's and a Seeker rod for big fish.

    Chris won an ULUA 93H10 for biggest fish on the surface iron (35# x 2).

    Thanks to Corb for getting the sponsors and George for doing the footwork to make the trip happen.

    My observations:

    Butterfly jigs and the spinner work!

    Surface iron and the right rod/reel combo is a lot of fun (Monster Mag 8.5 and the Hoo X was fun).

    Fishing with friends is the way to go. I was more than happy to put down the rod and take some pics or make sure that someone got around the boat with a quality fish. I got mine but seeing Mikey with his WSB and Ron with his YT was great.

    All the BD'ers that went on the trip represented well and had a great time.

    I'm tired and will add more pics later,

  2. Jaydog

    Wow, what an awesome trip guy's!!!
  3. fishnfool

    Looks like some quality fish you guys got there. Can't wait to see more pics, and hear the stories. Bill, let me start the bidding at $29,500 for the "Salty Dawg". You'll give me terms on that right? LOL
  4. MikeyLikesIt

    Royal Star June 2007 8 day trip

    Well, since I have not seen any attempt at a comprehensive report, I will give it a start.....you other guys can fill in the blank spots......

    Left the dock about noonish last Friday.......Royal Star was over getting fuel when Saltydawg and I got there about 7.30.

    Got 'er loaded, tossed off the lines, and off we go to the EB receiver. Randy was driving this trip, I had never fished with him or the boat, so it was all new to me.

    (Note: I have been on some long range trips......this was #6 for me of 5 days or longer, but it has been since I rode the Royal Polaris with Branman in 2003 that I have had the time and the money, both at the same time, to do a trip like this)

    It took almost an hour to load bait, and boy, was it some choice looking bait........really good size selection of 'dines with some monster chovy.

    Headed down the line, Randy came down and gave us the safety siminar. Looked like the basic plan was to head down to Cedros Island, a days run.......should be there by 10 or 11 saturday morning. Cool. Everyone is gearing up for the big Cedros Yellowtail.......I must say that I have never ever seen the extensive selection of jig sticks that were aboard for this trip. I mean, the entire upper deck looked like some sort of intellegence gathering array of antennae. So, bitchin dinner, (sorry, I forgot what it was, its all a big 5 star food blur.) Running downhill, smooth.........

    Had a few cocktails, but hit the sack kinda early due to my being up since 3 that morning........a n t i c i p a t i o n.

    Next morning (Sat) awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs.......nothing matches that when youre on the water, or so I thought until later in the trip.

    About 10 AM, were rigging up the yo-yo's and such when the rumor started that the EXCEL had some good YFT fishing at Alijos, hence, the plans had changed and were were charging straight for the rocks. Good pick bite on 60-80# tunnies was the word. Unfortunately, it meant another day of no fishing and just traveling. I was not opposed to the plan, and in my very limited long range experience, having not been to the rocks, I was excited.
    Several trips I took previously had been planned to visit Los Rocas Alijos, but I had never seen them........but I have never been disappointed in the the skippers decisions.....we have alway done well fishing.

    (Note: Im really impressed with the whole san diego long range fishing operation, from a laymans point of view. These guys communicate with each other, and really have a "pulse" on what is biting and where.)

    Anyway, another excellent dinner (someone fill in the menu for me) and some more cocktails, then some more cocktails........you get the picture. I really like the layout of the Royal Star, you dont have to go outside at all if you dont want to. (inside restrooms!) The crew doesnt really want us out on deck on travel nites, and I dont blame them. Nite nite about 10.

    Wake up about 6. lets see, was it eggs benidict? Get to changing the rigging for Tuna and wahoo, hope to see the skinnies show up. 10 AM and we see the rocks. waaaaay out there, but we are getting close. The Excel is anchored up at point Alpha. Reports are the tuna are biting, and you can feel the buzz. So, we start trolling around looking for the fish......it did not take Randy long to get the hook down and start the chum line. The fish didnt take long to find us either, and before long, we had a pretty steady pick on smaller tuna and yellowtail. Started seeing some blowouts of the 50-60-70#'ers......and a few were hooked, a few were lost, and a few were landed. WreckinBall got a dandy. The infamous Dos Locos got a dandy.
    I gotta say, Chris has really learned alot about fishing since the last time I fished with him......... :appl: He even gave me a few lessons! He did really well on this trip. Say what you want, but he is a good fisherman.

    I put in some time with the jig stick, and was tossing the Raider Chrome/Blue when, while picking out a "professional overrun", got picked up on the deep sink. This thing (wahoo, I think), whatever it was, (wahoo, I think), started peeling the line off the reel so fast that my sunglasses got dusted with saltwater. I could do nothing but follow this thing down around the stern, where it settled in to a way off surface battle. Here is where I made my mistake......after "posing" for a couple of photos while hooked up, I started pumping and grinding. Stoopid me, all of a sudden, the line just went slack. Wound in to find the telltale signs of 'hoo teeth marks across the raider. Crapola. They guys were pretty gentle. I think they saw the disappointed look on my face. I just figured that I'd hook another one, but it was not to be. No skinnies on this trip.

    The Excel was done this afternoon, evening actually, so Randy spent an hour or so looking around trolling the marauders. Then, we anchored up in position Alpha.

    Bite kinda died, but Randy wanted to stick around for another day. Another fabulous dinner on the hook.....I think it was Chicken Cordon blue. I had been threating to stay up late and try for a grouper or BSB, but, alas, the cocktails got to me and before 10, it was nighty nite.

    Awoke Tuesday morning to pretty much the same conditions, 3-5 foot close interval, with a little chop on it. not bad, but not ideal. The tuna showed up this morning however, and before long, after hooking footballs and peanuts, the larger models started blowing thru. I think it was this day that Cuda Killer got a H U G E frigging Yellowtail on the dropper loop with a scad mackeral for bait. The bait must have weighed 2 pounds, and he had been bitten off with the exact same rig, but he just smiled, re-rigged, and re-launched. This YT was a toad, so big that Mark got his size 13 foot about half way into this things mouth.


    Heck, they guys took a 10# YT and stuffed it into its mouth, and it fit! Anyway, I was snake bit. I could not buy a bite. I dropped down to 40#. Nothing. 30 # nothing.......I had some sort of self realization that I was probably coming off as a asshole by cursing at the fish, myself, the ocean......it was "no no no no nobodys fault but mine", so, out of frustrations, I picked up my 25# rig. Be very carefull what you ask for, cause you just might get it. I picked up a lively deen, tossed it out, and was bit instantly. Landed a nice 35#'er in short order. Checked the line, did not re-tye, and pitched out another bait off the corner, and it was inhaled as soon as it hit the water! Game on! This thing didnt even know it was hooked until it was about half way to Hawaii! Im standing there saying to myself....."ruh roh!"

    Blake (deckie) comes over and pretty much confirms my fears…….this thing aint slowing down. I had 2 choices at this point, stand there and get spooled, or button down the drag on my little teeny tiny TLD 20 reel. Good thing for P-line! I began inching the drag down a bit at a time………but the spool was getting smaller and smaller and smaller………..finally, the fish just stopped. So, there began a 30 minute battle of give and take, with the fish taking me around the boat once, then back down and around the stern, then back up to the bow, and finally settled amidship. After much worrying that I would lose the fish, it finally came to color, only to now take a run at the anchor line. Blake was amazing, this thing went around the anchor rope twice, but he dealt with it and kept my line from breaking off. When he gaffed it, I was so tired that I could not even let out a decent “whoo hoo!” I was spent. Fish went about 58# on the scale, and I was one whooped puppy.


    Covered in sweat, shirt soaking wet, hat drenched, I sat in the galley and had a diet coke, some orange juice, and some water. Cuda asked if I was alright, he was a bit worried that he may have to break out the ADF (the heart shocker!). It took me almost an hour to recover. The rest of my afternoon was pretty much a blur!

    So, about 4 PM, Randy pulled the hook and got on the PA saying we were heading for Thethis bank, where the Excel had good yellowtail fishing. (man, I hate sloppy seconds!)

    Off we went, headed east.

    Wednesday morning, as we approached the Thethis bank, we stopped on several kelps where we found nothing but very small rat yellowtail. Not wanting to waste our bait, Randy quit stopping on the kelps. We got to Thethis about 9, where we immediately were surrounded by 25-30# yellowtail. Man, those dudes can pull some drag! It was pretty much full speed fishing for about 6 hours. Who can complain. There were some toads mixed in there as well…..some 40+# models were landed. After plugging the boat with YT, Randy wanted to do some exploring offshore, to the southwest.

    Edit: I see Mark posted! he pretty much completed the report! YAHOOO !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. michael

    Some classic pics for sure.

    FUCK Cuda, that's a big yellow!!!!
    Mikey, :notworthy
  6. Mstonefish

    Beautiful WSB Mikey............................HUGE!

    I gotta say that YT Ron caught makes him appear 5'10" and stocky LOL LOL Fuggin TOAD
  7. barracuda Killer

    awesome trip. Bders rocked.

    Calico was missed really bad

    Chance was on our minds everyday

    George caught his first ever albie

    Shrek is the man, hang in there bro, you will bounce one soon.

    Jerry and Robert was a blast to fish with

    Steve you are the coolest

    way to slay Jack, you represented well for an island boy

    and the Derelicts, well....................they the shit

    I'm tired, more later
  8. roxfisher

    What a great trip. Hmmm, just might have to do a trip like this with all you derelicts---If you allow the old lady that don't know nothin married to the Harley guy to be on deck!!
  9. geno machino

    SWEET WSB! Now that's what I am talking about. WTG
  10. Opielikesit

    Man we are going to eat good tonight...

    I am so happy that my man is home. :loverz: Mikey and the guy's killed the fishey's for us to can, and some fish and eat for quite some time. Thanks to the guys on the boat they made the boy's trip fantastic. Boy am I glad that our boys made it home safe and no problems.

    Thanks to Karl for all your support while Mikey was gone I don't know what I would do with out all you guys when he is gone...:imdumb:

    Thanks again for all of your support while he was gone!
  11. roxfisher

    Looks like you got the best of them damn yellers there Ron. Bill and I might have to make a trip with the derelict crew sometime soon.
  12. barracuda Killer

    Alway make room for you Rox:imdumb:
  13. nunyabizness1

    Great report guys! Awesome catch Cuda and Mikey! When's the BBQ? Welcome back, it's nice to hear the trip was a success for you.
  14. rza007

    That yellow is a pig. Damn!
  15. MikeyLikesIt

    The one last thing I gotta add:

    So here were fishing Cedros, they landed a couple WSB early before light, I figured it was over for the ghosts.

    About 9.30, I send a deen down on the dropper loop. Bit right away, I figure its another (PEST) 25# YT. Deckie was right next to me when this thing takes off like a freight train. Deckie looks at me and say, "Dude, I think you just got "seal"-ed", and walks away. I figure, damn, well, I gotta get another bait down there so I lock down the drag and start horsing this thing to turn its head. It finally starts coming to the boat, up around the bow a couple of times, and then Chris says "Mikey, you got a HUGE fish there dude!" Im thinking maybe a foul hooked YT..........


    It was a good trip up till then, not stellar, but good. How quickly it became

    E P I C !!!!!!!
  16. MikeyLikesIt

    Where is the Pic of Moses and me, with Moses holding those plums? :D
  17. 1:11

    Looks like it was a fun trip, cool photos.
  18. sdangler

    I'm saving that one for later...
  19. EricM

    Sounds like a fuckin blast guys! Nice report!
  20. Johnnyfish

    Looks like a great time. Congrats Mikey on your monster WSB and Cuda on your toad YT.