2 hours in MDR = another bass contest submission...

Discussion in 'The Bass Fishing Club' started by get some, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. get some BD Writer

    Matt and I fished MDR this morning despite the small craft advisory.
    We fished for a couple hours in a huge swell that was very steep due to the current running against it. After a couple hours, the wind started blowing, so we called it a day before it got too sloppy.
    We only caught 3 bass, but one was a good one...
    Matt caught it on an MC swimbait while fishing one of the artificial reefs in the bay.
    I guess this fish knocks our sand bass from last week out of the running...
  2. gatothecat

  3. mrcricket

  4. Troy

    nice checker.
  5. maxlikestofish

    that thing is a PIG!!!
  6. FishinArmo

    Nice fish Eric
  7. makohunterz

    Seems like for the contest we should do both length and girth

    nice fish mang, justin decided not to go cause of crappy conditions..
  9. fishpainter

    It was pretty bad.We had like 5 bites for a few hours of fishing.Im glad we got this fish ,it would have been better if we got it last weekend but whatever..Speaking of bites that bass chewed the shit out of my left thumb...bleed all over the boat.Eric has a few more pics to share.
  10. WreckinBall

    It's a beauty, eh?

    Nice catch. :appl:
  11. BuonaForTuna

    Nice fish guys that was a nice little slug there.
  12. Ready4TheYellow

    Nice fish Matt..fatty fo sho....
  13. get some BD Writer

    Yeah, that fish gave Matt one of the worst doses of bass thumb that I've seen...
  14. BiggestT

    Very nice. Looks like I'll have to get a green bass to beat that.

    SLUGGO! Look at how big her tail is.
  16. fishpainter

    "Bass Thumb"?that lady went Freddy Krugger on my ass.
  17. Fishtricks

    Fuck, you guys are making these contest tough. That's good. I'm gonna try to beat y'all with a green one.
  18. fishpainter

    Do it.By the way your TJW's were killing the sandbass a few weeks ago.I can't wait to fish them in the thick kelp.
  19. 26grumpy

    What contest ? Looks like it's over to me !
  20. DENEK

    You guys are killing it lately. Knock it off!
    J/K Nice fish again.