2 Day San Nick Special 3-30 to 4-1 Canceled due to weather

Discussion in 'Southern CA Private Boater Inshore Trip Planning' started by Danny, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. Danny

    Sorry guys the weather got us again. The trip is canceled. Look for a new trip to be put up shortly

    The "Sea Adventure 80" is running a 2 day, San Nick Shallow Water Rockfish Combo out of 22nd street landing THIS COMING WEEKEND
    The website is listing this trip as a GO!!

    This is a E-mail message I got from Capt. Scott McDaniels:
    Subject: March 30 the Sea Adventure 80 is a GO :)
    Hi Danny,
    We are going to San Nicolas on March 30th this is a two day trip and is going to produce some fantastic fish.
    We hope that some of the guys will try using straight spectra to the hook.
    This will help drag those monsters out of the Rocks and Kelp.
    This trip departs at 730pm Friday night and the first 20 reservations get staterooms too.
    Please call 22nd street Landing or book on line at: www.fishseaadventure80.com
    (310) 832-8304 dial zero after the recording. Make sure to tell them you want to fish on the Real Sea Adventure 80 with the fish studs.

    2 day, San Nick Shallow Water Rockfish Combo
    March 30th 7:30PM Fri
    April 1st 8PM Sun
    $250. per person
    Meals are extra

    Please call 22nd street Landing or book on line at: www.fishseaadventure80.com
    (310) 832-8304 dial zero after the recording.
    Sure hope some of you guys can make it out for this trip! I will be going for sure. This winter has been way to long and I need a fishing fix!
    Right now the weather looks to be good all this Week and through the Weekend.
    Be sure to bring at least one setup loaded up with straight Spectra!
    LET'S GO LOAD UP ON SOME FAT LINGS :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:

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  2. Danny

    I checked with the landing and I see we have the world famous "Sea Hag" (Pam Sharp) signed up to go on this trip. Welcome aboard!

    The Lingcod fishing at San Nicolas Island is like no other place in socal. It is inside of the Cowcod closure which require's you to fish in water 120 feet or less. The water there is COLD and this brings the Lings up into the shallows.

    Think of it more like fishing for giant Calico Bass.
    That is were the straight spectra comes into play. You can just saw them out of the kelp.
  3. londonking

    wont be able to make this trip, but sounds like a blast. I am going to be on the 4/27/12 2.5 dayer though..

    Good luck to all you guys going this weekend!
  4. 2MAYEtoes

    Gotta work this weekend, otherwise I'd be there. Danny, you know how much I love fishing with you, errrr... tangling you up :D

    Have fun and kill lotsa feesh!
  5. Danny

    The trick is we both need to be on the same side of the boat. :rofl:
  6. Danny

    Thanks! I might be on that one in late April. Not sure yet
    I have a 3/4 day trip on the 22nd that I can't miss
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  7. The Sea Hag

    Great... Am I going to have to keep explaining to Danny which side is port & which is starboard...?
  8. 2MAYEtoes


    The trick is to cast right over Danny when he's not looking. Make sure he's already on the bottom and once you're sure you're right on top of him-retrieve quickly with little jerk motions. Danny will think he's hooked up :D

    Another fun trick to play on Danny is to put the wind to your back and put a heavy weight on. Go to the opposite side of the boat and let 'em drop. This time, once you're on Danny's line pull hard. He'll start hooting and hollering about what a big fish he has. Good times.
  9. 2MAYEtoes

    Oh & one more thing, Pam. If Danny is lucky enough to get any trophy fish, say a mackerel or lizard, make sure you take pictures and post them on the fish report. He needs a new facebook profile picture and a nice mac would be just the right fit.
  10. spike

  11. 2MAYEtoes

    LMFAO :rofl:
  12. Danny

    OH Boy, Cristin gets a job as a galley cook and is now the big expert tangler :rofl:
  13. spike

    Wanna Dollar????

    Just kidding, please don't spit in my food. (if we go)
  14. Danny

    Rule #1 on a Sportboat, Never EVER piss off the galley cook :rofl:
  15. spike

    I'm on a Diet.
  16. 2MAYEtoes

    Ask anyone, I've always been an expert tangler!
  17. 2MAYEtoes

    You're bad. You need a spanking. It's gonna cost more than a dollar.
  18. Danny

    :eek2::eyepoppin Spike you are in trouble
  19. The Sea Hag

    "....spit" in your food...? Ummmm... I worked in a restaurant ... They didn't spit in it... I plead the fifth as far as any further comment what happened when you f$$$ed with the chef....
  20. nordic flyer

    Is this trip still a go?