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Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by Blackfish, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. Blackfish

    This trip has been planned since May....so the anticipation was great, and the fish counts were looking good (up to two days before the trip).

    We arrived at the landing at about 1 pm, for a 4 pm departure....the boat finally was under way by 5:30...late, but no big deal.
    Leo, Randy and Blake not pictured.
    I had booked this trip on the PQ due to my great past experience i had on it with my son last year. Bill Cavenaugh was the captain, and i was looking forward to getting another pic of him with my son Jack
    holding a nice trophy fish.
    Last year on the PQ

    To my disappointment, Bill would not be captaining this trip, but anther Captain who's last name escapes my memory at this time...his first name was Mark, was at the helm.

    The pre trip safety meeting was given, and the Captain informed us that the fish numbers were in the crapper, and that "Down the Beach" was looking blown out, and green, so his plan was to stay in American waters and hit the Cortes or Tanner bank in search for YT at Gray Light, then work our way west and fish the afternoon for bottom fish, and then again look for more YT action at twighlight. The second day we would then look for Paddies and try out luck on the DoDo hunt....but his attitude and words made it clear, DON'T GET your hopes high. He informed us that the rest of the fleet were doing crappy, and the best boat had only 14 Dodo to show for its efforts....

    Well, I have to admit, i was feeling pretty bummed...i had organized this trip, and gotten five other friends and their boys to come along....they were looking forward to a great trip with lots of fish, but they all new it was called fishing, not catching....but none the less, i was really hoping for a epic trip, as i wanted the kids, as well as the dads to have a memorable trip.

    That night we stopped at SCI and attempted to make squid for about an hour, but they would not float...so onward to the banks.
    Eric and his dad jigging squid

    We arrived to the Cortes/Bishop Rock Buoy with a good 15 knot wind, and 6-8 foot swell....not looking good.....the captain made a few passes around the buoy and came across some nice boils...everyone tossed there lines and instant bendo....HUGE 5-12 pound bones were hitting the deck....not what we wanted, but it also had a few nice size Fork-tails mixed in with it...after a good 30 minutes, maybe 2-3 tails hit the deck, and 50 bones...the captain told us to "watch our lines" and moved us to another location....we did this off and on all morning and into the early after noon.....a few of the stops produced some good numbers of tails, but most were nothing but boneheads..a few of the bones went what i would estimate to be 15#....
    At this point, i was only able to catch bone heads....a few of the guys in my crew got a couple nice YT, one up to 27 pounds, which ended up being the Jackpot fish...

    I spent a lot of time helping my son catch bait, as he could hardly see over the edge of the bait tank, but he never gave up or complained.

    This trip was sponsored by Izorline, and the reps name was Tony. During one of the good YT bites, he was tossing a mint colored Tady, and was immediately hooked up....He then immediately handed the pull to my son....VERY COOL....my son fought the fish for nearly 20 minutes and landed this 29 pound YT (biggest catch of the trip),
    would have been the jackpot, but it was a hook and hand...no matter, made my sons day....I wrote a letter to Izorline telling them how much i appreciated what Tony had done.

    We continued to fish the yellows for a few more stops, and then called it a day....and headed for the Rock fish area. We dropped anchor in about 220 feet.....and everyone re-rigged for the bottom dwellers.....Everyone was pulling up an assortment of fish, Salmon Grouper, Reds, Johnny bass and one guy even got 15 pound ling bouncing the Iron off the bottom.

    I was a little frustrated, as I did not want to fish for bottom fish on a two day, and to add too the factor, a few of the crew were also fishing instead of helping...i spent most of this time helping my son untangle his line, remove and staple tags to fish, and re-bait his hooks....
    Jack and Eric pulling on some bottom fish..

    The captain seemed to be in foul mood the entire trip, but one deck hand by the name of Chris was outstanding, besides always being helpful to the anglers, he had nothing but a positive attitude during the trip. No matter what type OR size of fish...."nice johnny", "Nice Bocpia" (sp?), "monster red","monster Bone", "Beautiful YT" "way to go"...just positive..helped keep the right mojo going.

    The evening was approaching, and the captain decide to make another run for the YT....we found more of the same...a few YT mixed in with tons of big bones....we made to quick stops, and called it day at about 6 pm....a little early to me, but hey, the captain is the captain.

    By this time we are all having a good time, and a several from my Father Son group had gotten some YT, and all the kids had pulled on some big bones....

    The next morning we came across a nice paddy....loaded with dorado and a few YT...everyone was bent....I got my first DoDo to color, and the deck hand grafted it, only to have it shake of and immediately bust me off....no big deal but i was bummed, as this my first good catch, but Sh*t happen....my son was hooked up and running the rail....i followed him around the boat making sure people were letting him through (a few time he was getting squeezed out and ignored on the over under tuna two step).....he got to the bow, and Chris was up front and took over and was ready with the gaff
    Chris helping Jack with his Dodo
    (two others were also hooked up at the bow...this area was a little difficult for my son, as he could not see over the rail, plus the anchor chain in was lying on the deck, as seen in this pic of him getting his YT...
    along with trying to maneuver the Anchor part of the bow.....i have to say, he did awesome....he only needed help getting around the anchor point, other then that he was on fire.

    The deck hand told me that i should go fish, he had my sons back...so headed back and got my pole in the water for only the second time on this stop....i got bent and got my fish in quick...buy this time jack HAD JSUT LANDED HIS FISH AND,
    I got a great photo...wanted the decky in it, but he was off helping with another fish...

    We made about three more stops on paddies and the captain said we had enough bait for one more good stop...WHAT, low on BAIT!!!.....WHAT.

    Chris asked if there was anyone who had not got a Dodo yet...my sons friend Gage who was pretty overwhelmed by the entire trip, had not gotten one yet....he fished very little, but I told him to get his butt out here....the next stop had four poles in the water with his name on it....

    The next stop, was a great bite...wide open.....and Gage was hooked and handed a nice 25 pound YT.
    It about killed him [​IMG]


    After this bite, the captain had called it a day, and was ready to head in...it was about 10:45 am, and this boat was not scheduled back in dock until 8 pm....we were only 4 hours out....but he said there was no bait.....WHAT????? you have to be kidding me.

    We tore our gear down, and had a early dinner....one of the guy in my group asked Chris the deck hand why we stopped fishing when there at least 200-300 pieces of bait still in the tank...hats off to Chris for being honest as he said, "There was simply not enough bait to get a good chum line going, an have enough bait for everyone to get bit. Since the last stop was so wide open, and everyone was in a great mood, they chose to leave on a high note, because when they leave on a crappy bite, the tips are even more crappy". Good honest answer, but myself and several others were a little pissed off. We not only ran out of bait, but paid for a 2 day trip, scheduled as follows...leaving at 4 pm on the 22nd, and returning at 8pm on the 24th.


    We arrived back at the harbor at about 3:30, and stopped at the bait area to refill on bait for the next trip....While they did this, the captain handed out a few raffle prizes and a Trophy for the best sportsmen, and angler, which went to my son Jack..
    way cool.

    We then settled up our tabs and tips..by this time it was 4:30.....

    5 pm comes along, and the captain is in the engine room cussing and yelling, and barking at the crew....we are able to determine that there is a problem with the engines...they won't turnover....

    5:30 and still not a word.....6:15 and the captain finally makes an announcement that they are having some engine trouble, but are making progress...7:15pm and we finally leave the bait barge on one engine...I'm not sure if both or only one engine was down, but if only one was down, i don't know why they kept us at the bait barge until 7:15. We were finally off loaded by 7:45...right on time! go figure.

    First let me say, overall i had a great trip....mainly because my son and the kids had a great trip....over all no real complaints other then running out of bait, and sitting at th bit barge...sure the captain could have been a little more friendly, but he got us on on fish when no other boats were finding them, so he did his job. His rail side manner could use some work.

    He yelled at few passengers, including me one time when my Dodo made a sudden run in the opposite direction and sawed off another guys fish (which ended up being a friend of mine), but what the captain didn't see was i was following my fish the entire time, it just took a quick and unexpected turn and was gone before i could get around the three guys next to me....some of the deck hands , including the captain were fishing on some of the stops (not the wide open bites), when i felt they could have been helping some of the eight kids on board...

    Overall it was a great trip. The positives out weighed the
    negatives 10-1....my son had another great time aboard the PQ, and i would most likely book with them again, but may be a little hesitant if Bill Cavanagh isn't the skipper.

    Great food....the cook was awesome and supper friendly, Chris was always positive and helpful, Justin helped my son with a catch of a life time, and Jordon was his usual quiet self, but always helpful and doing a great job. Check him out on the rail helping with fish...
    And Tony the Izorline guys was just a super nice guy...hooking and handing many nice fish.

    Randy and Leo

    overall a great trip...fun factor i give it a 10
    boat crew i give a 8
    captain i give a 6, mainly due to his attitude...but he did what he was suppose to do..."find us fish"....but better communication, better bait management, and maybe a hiding his frustration would have made things a little more pleasant...JMO
    Boat was always clean, and the food was great.

    My son is already looking forward to next year.

    76 Dodo to 20 pounds avearge 10-12
    65 Yt to 29 pounds average 15-20
    lots of bottom fish
    2 barracudda LOGS
    100+ bones MONSTERS


    Blackfish (BBB)
    "Teach a kid to fish, and they will never forget you"
    from this [​IMG] to this [​IMG]
  2. fishin4fun

    Mike thats an awsome story of a post. Glad the boys got out there and got some quality fish. Despite the trouble sounds like a hell of a trip. Keep up the good work and congrats to your son. Got a passle potential groms with ya I reckon. Have a good one.


  3. richb

    Great report, one of the best I've read. It's all about the kids because they grow up so quick, glad they had a blast. Good job Dad's!!
  4. Special Ed

    Great report, awesome pics, almost like I was there!
  5. Blender02

    Nice post. I've fished with both Bill and Mark and have had great times with both. Mark is normally very friendly and funny. Guess we all have a bad day or so. Glad you had a good trip. I can't wait till my son is old enough to go fishing with me.
  6. TomTurtle

    6 out of 10 for a captain that puts you on that many fish? that ain't cool.
  7. BangHUss

    Awsome report. I've fished the PQ 4 or 5 times. Chris (deckhand) is one of the coolest and most positive person I have ever fished with. My last trip with them, Mark was the captain and he was pretty lame. The crew was making fun of him behind his back the whole time.
  8. Blackfish

    Plain and simple...I don't just rate a captain based on the fish count....PERIOD.

    Edit: This post is not a slam, only my report on "MY" trip and "MY" perspective of how the captain ran this particular trip.
  9. ZZZZZ

    There is allot of pressure on the captain when the fishing is slow and by your post there were some really high expectations by you and maybe other passengers, anticipation and getting prepared is part of the excitement. Kudos to the captain for working hard to put his passengers on fish. He went the distance and myself personally on a 2 day would choose what you guy's did during that time. Also sounds like you mowed allot of bait stopping schools of fish on the Cortes and dropping to the bottom with dropper loops....

    Lots of action.

    Glad your boys had a killer trip and look forward to the next. They sound hooked on the sport kudos to you for getting em out.
  10. 1:11

    Good Times with the Boys. Excellent photos. I didnt read the whole thread but look forward to the stroy when I get a chance. PQ looks pretty nice.
  11. Blackfish

    Thanks for the cool reply..
    The captain did awesome on getting us on fish:appl: , and his plan worked just like he hoped:High_Five .....not knocking him....this post was more about the overall trip, and only parts were about some of the negatives....i left out many other details that i felt would serve no purpose, as this was not intended to be a "slam" post, just a honest overview of the outing.:) The PQ is a class A boat....and will get my return business...but I feel for a report to be fair and well rounded, it has to cover all aspects of the tip.
  12. J_Livi

    :appl: What a fish for a first YT. Pretty cool & great photos. Thanks for the report!!!

    One of the best reports for our boats I have ever read. Kudo's.
    PETE M/V Dominator
  14. Charley Tuna

    :notworthy This is the best trip I've seen in ages, Good job boys & dad.
  15. 1:11

    Just read the report after posting earlier in regards to your photos. Its tough to come onto the boards and post your true feelings about negative aspects of a trip. Its even harder when it is a highly regarded boat with a well known skipper like Bill. You know he has hundreds of loyal customers and most of us like to defend our fav boat operations, sometimes like we would defend a brother.

    Ive had trips that were killer fishing trips where certain service aspects were lacking or when the crew has made inappropriate comments that peaved me. But in retrospect, it was generally because I was in a pissy mood, probably menstruating or something. Im sure I made plenty of stupid comments when I was younger where the crew bit their tongue. Its hard to please all the people all the time. Im just glad that these quirks happened on a trip that the owner/operator had off. You can Bet Bill will/has heard your review and will most likely talk to his crew. These message boards have a way of keeping all of us in check.

    Glad to see that fishing was good and the boys got a hands on dose of "catching". Thats what its all about. You will go back on the Queen and your next trip will be better.
  16. biglou

    great report simple as that !!!
  17. Blackfish

    >>>>"You will go back on the Queen and your next trip will be better."<<<<,

    Don't get me wrong, this trip was great! And i will for sure book on the PQ again....

    Like I said, the positives out weighed the negatives 10-1, and this was not intended as a "slam" post, just a overview of a nice trip :) You can't please everyone all the time...including me...the captain is only human, as am I....until i am perfect, I shall not hold a grudge about something as simple as a fishing trip negative :)

    I appreciate your reply, and everyone elses...I am just glad this did not turn into a flame post. <!-- / message -->
  18. Blackfish

    Thanks, that means a lot.
  19. TheShark

    That tall deckhand is Justin! He was on The Shogun last year, he is one of the nicest deck hands I have ever met! He left the industry for a few months and came back! The P.Q. is way lucky to have him. It is good to see him on the water again:)

    Back to your report-
    What a bitchen job of Jack to land his fish!!! BRAVO!
    Very cool of
    Greta bunch of pic's!
    I dig it when kids fish! That is the best!
  20. markalico

    thats awesome that the kids got some big fish...good job dads, lots of respect for u guys