2-4-2012 Good bye 2012 Monkey w/VIDEO

Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Reports' started by Morris Lures, Feb 5, 2012.

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  1. Morris Lures

    Its been a while since posting due to work and other things going on.

    A brief recap. We ended our last fishing trip in 2011 with a big marlin that almost broke the 500 pound mark. It was a trip with just me and Ahab and we couldnt get this bad boy in the door so we ended up dragging it back and making it a early day.

    Our first fishing trip of the year was actually kind of late 2-4-2012. I had drill the first week of January. Then the following week my dad went on vacation. Then the week after that i went on a vegass/ snowboard vacation with my better half.

    Then last weekend was just ugly weather.

    We start off our fishing season a little late in the year.

    I started off my day on the not feeling to good side. Get to my dads house load up the ice and make our way to Koolina. My dad and i get to Koolina at about 515am only to find Colby waiting for us like a stray harbor cat :rofl:lol.
    We get to the boat and load up the 350lbs of ice. We push off and start heading out in the dark. I get into the cabin and start leadering up a few new lures that we brought for the trip. One of which is the "Ahab Special" which my dad asked me to make special for him.

    I finally finish putting leader on the new lures and the sun is just starting to crack. I tell Colby lets start putting out some lures. I get the first long rigger back when i feel the warm saliva in my mouth. We all know what this means barfBARF!!!. I guess a little palu never hurt anyone lol. Turn around only to see Ahab and Colby :rofl: laughing at me like 2 fricken school kids. We finally finish getting all the lines out and start to hunt for some birds.

    Straight out from Koolina we take a couple knock downs on the "Ahab Special" with nothing sticking so we just keep heading straight out. Probably was just a couple of baby marlin playing with the lure.

    We get about 14 miles out with no site of birds or anything. I tell my dad maybe we should run the inside since thats where some of the action has been. He tells me nah lets play out here a little longer. Not even 10 min after that we start to see some porpoise playing in the distance. My dad look at me and says see thats why im the captain lol. Make a quick look around to see that we are the only boat i can see anywhere.

    We finally catch up to the porpoise pile and only see a couple of them. A little more past this pile in the distance we see a bigger pile. We make our way to the bigger pile and start picking up some good size fish on the recorder. We just make our first pass through the pile and start to make a turn when it happens. POOP!!!! ZZZZZZZzzz POOP!!!! ZZZZzzzz we take a double. I got the see the second ahi all the way out of the water and dive bomb the lure. Fricken awesome!!!

    Colby jumps on 1 reel and i grab the other. About 10 min into the fight we get color on the first fish and notice that the lines are crossed. I do a stupid thing of passing the pole around the line with out clipping it off, but the fish was so close there was no time. Thankfully everything worked out and i got the pole back in the pole holder safely. We get Colbys fish to leader .44 in the head and the rest is history. Jump on fish 2 and same thing get the fish to leader .44 in the head and HI5's all around.

    We get the fish on ice and turn back for the porpoise pile. Another boat shows up and we both keep making passes through the pile. We end up taking another knock down but it didnt stick. After a little while the pile broke up so we decided to call it a day and head back.

    We got the 2 ahi in the boat by 940 and were back in the harbor by 1pm. Not to bad a day of fishing for our first trip this year.

    Me and Ahab

    Colby with his prize.

    The lures that did the work. 7" Kamaboko and 7" Ahab Special.

    Dinner is served.

    The ahis ended up weighing in at 147 and 106. Thanks to Roy, Tyler and crew at Roy's fishing for helping me weigh the fish. If anyone is interested in my lures and can't find them Roy's Fishing Supply in Pearl City is the only place that i really sell them at.

    Now what everyone is waiting for the VIDEO!!!!!

  2. hawaiian hammer

    Nick and crew,
    Awesome catch and video. Very entertaining.
    Good going.
  3. dksu

    Hope to catch an ahi that big sometime before I die :waglleybooty:Nice going!
  4. MikeO

    Awesome job Nick. Congratulations!!
  5. R.I. Popper

    Beautiful Yellow's!!! Congratulations. Can I ask you what you do with the Marlin? Does that eat like swordfish?

  6. Philligan

    Nice job boys! You dun it right!
  7. captdon1


  8. Startmeup Advertiser

    Wow, two great trips in a row. I hope you used some of that luck in Vegas. Thanks for the post and the video.

  9. jd808

    Nick, Ahab, and Crew,

    Right on. Way to start off the year. The Morris Kamaboku is a tuna magnet for us too. Always has a place in the spread.

  10. J_B

    NICE!! Great video awesome pics. Congrats.:hali_olutta:

    Great report. Some fish of a lifetime in there for many people.
  12. Gaji Lures

    Way to go Nick!!! "A W E S O M E !!!!!"
  13. Morris Lures

    Thanks Dave<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

    Thanks David. Summer is just around the corner and im sure their will be alot of big ahi to catch.

    Thanks MikeO.

    Thanks Armand. We ended up giving alot of the marlin away to family and friends since we didnt have much time to smoke it. But i ended up eating alot of it raw. I think its alot more of a dryer fish then sword. Sword is also has a little more high fat content then regular marlin. So the sword is probably alot better fish.


    Thanks Captdon. I guess if have to catch up on some reading then since i missed all the drama lol.

    Thanks Jonny. I wish i had that type of luck in vegas. Im lucky now that i have fish to eat or it would be back to the spam and rice:rofl:.

    Thanks JD. Im glad the lure produces for you guys just like it does us. Just got to start getting ready for the summer action now.
    Thanks JB.

    Thanks John.
  14. Morris Lures

    Thanks Allan. I guess thats a good way to start off the year lol.
  15. Pupule

    Way to go Nick and crew! Catching two ahi during the dead of winter? Spectacular! Congrats!

    Way to start the year off. Have missed seeing your videos.
  17. nodrama

    Capt, Nick, and Crew, awesome catch and congrats on getting the monkey off the back early!!!
  18. rubbahookaction

    Nice! Was starting wondering what happened to you. Aloha
  19. Tunahead

    NICE LOAD....damn I'm hungry now! LOL
  20. patfishhi

    Capt. Ahab, Nick and Colby,
    Way to slay 'em, a few awesome fish.

    Nick and Your Sweetie,
    Looks like you guys had a blast.