1st Trip This Year to Waianae - 1st Ahi

Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Reports' started by BucketMan, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. BucketMan

    Left the harbor around 0530 and ran the ledge to BP hoping to catch an ono but to no avail. Headed to BO & was surprised to see lots of boats leaving the buoy. Wondered why. Got kind of bumpy so ran the thousand towards Kaena Point. About 2-3 miles from BO, we nabbed a hebi and continued on the thousand to Nanakuli before switching course to the fifteen hundred (pocket area). Saw some birds in the far horizon and headed that way. As soon as we turned - hanapaa! The color of both skirted lures was gay-bob. Weigh-in & picture of lures tomorrow.

    The hebi went 24 lbs. & the ahi 110. Sure thought both were bigger - I blame that on old age.

    The metal jet head caught the hebi running behind the "dirty bird". The "Kodak Killer" got the ahi attached far back of the "Kaneohe Flyer".

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  2. grander007

    right on, way to go!

    tight lines,
  3. da reel man

    all right ken way to go.
  4. MikeO

    Very nice Congratulations!
  5. changboy

    good job ken, arent you glad you neva sell you ride?
  6. hawaiian hammer

    Good going Ken,
    Now the monkey on my back.:shakin:
    Will try my luck before ahi fever.
  7. shadzdad

    Nice ahi and hebi. Good job on heading out there and finding the fish.
  8. russell kato

    Alrighty Ken and Crew,
    WTG with that nice Ahi in the bag plus a Hebi for good measure! Hope that the action is only the beginning of a great Ahi season! Congrats on a job well done!
  9. shinchan

    Awesome catch!!! Itching to go already, too bad I have to be in Japan visiting the in-laws for 2 weeks or else I'd pitch a tent in the truck bed and camp at the harbor...:rofl:
  10. force21

    Alright Ken! Nice catch for your 1st run at Waianae! Go get sum moa!
  11. patfishhi

    Ken and crew,
    Looks like the first trip to Waianae was the right choice; congrats to you and the crew.

  12. Jus10

    good going....looks like they might be here:waglleybooty:
  13. Pacific Lures

    Good Going On The Ahi. I Hear the Gay Bob has been working real Good In Kauai..
  14. BNaks

    Nice ahi and hebi Ken! Looks like you and your boat still have some fish to catch together...
  15. pfont

    nice wicked tuna ken ... retirees who fish on arima boats are awesome too ...
  16. JimmyK

    Congratulations, Ken and crew! Nice catch!
  17. Pupule

    Congratulations, Ken and crew! What an awesome day on the water!
  18. grander007


    Those are great boats, my buddy has a 16' cuddy Sea Chaser with twin Honda 30s. He is thinking about selling it to get a bigger one.

    Tight lines,
  19. fetzerb

    Way to go ken! Nice kodak film container lure. I need to get some of those canisters before the become obsolete.
  20. nodrama

    Good going nice fish!!!