1989 Shamrock Openfish

Discussion in 'Members Boats For Sale' started by khune, Jul 5, 2013.

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  1. khune


    !!! SOLD !!!
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  2. Ali Admin

    Wow. That's a lot of boat for that money.
  3. tunacity

    put it on fishtheclassics.net.The 210 openfish is pretty popular with the shamrock guys.
  4. boatdoc

    Still available? Send a # thx
  5. khune

    Yep, still for sale.. I'l PM you.
  6. firefishq

    nice boat. good luck with sale.
  7. spearbodj

    I want this boat save it for me haha. What kind of fuel economy do you get?
  8. the_3_bears

    Hi. Trade for a wrecker?
  9. firefishq

    does it have a 4 brl or 2 brl carb? which model carb?
  10. UncleTito

    Is there a # to reach you at?
  11. trwilkinson99

  12. khune

    Yep, still for sale... you can email at shamrock@jpcoon.com
  13. ?? fisherman

    Is anybody able to get that video to work? All I see is a link that does not work??

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  14. khune

  15. khune

    I'm open to trades if anyone is interested.... smaller farm tractor / bucket loader... a rat rod... car / truck???
  16. willyok

    Nice Boat, I sent you an email, look forward to hearing from you.

  17. khune


  18. willyok

    Are you available tomorrow to show the boat?

  19. sanclemente949

    I am a general contractor, trade for work? need any work done? I also got 4000
  20. sea onion

    Would like to take a look at your sled, have cash in hand. Pm me with your number and I'll give you a call. Thanks. Brian