1989 Shamrock Openfish

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  1. khune

    If you've followed my post you know I've had the engine out a few times over the past few years... Search my old post to see the history of the boat it you like. No secrets...

    The boat now has a new block and heads, new intake manifold, new risers, new exhaust manifolds, new carb.

    We put an aluminum intake manifold on with the plans to convert it over to closed loop cooling... just haven't got that far and have lost interest.

    Since dropping the engine back in a few weeks ago it's only been run in fresh water at Lake Hodges (if you call that 'fresh' water).

    Here's the specs

    1989 Shamrock 210 Openfish
    Ford 302
    Borg Warner direct drive
    T-Tops with rocket launchers

    Dual fuel tanks, 30 gallons each (starboard tank is two years old and was custom fabricated).

    Has FF / GPS / VHF / bait tank with new pump / anchor & chain and rode / spare parts and safety gear.

    Here's what needs to be done:
    Convert to closed loop cooling, swap intakes to iron, or only use it in fresh water.
    Trailer needs new brakes (never worked since I've owned it), could use springs.
    New wood on swim step
    Deep cleaning​

    Dropped from 8k to $6500.

    Video is from two weeks ago.

    2013-07-04 18.48.12.jpg 2013-06-12 10.07.34.jpg 2013-06-15 19.57.37.jpg 2013-07-04 18.49.31.jpg 2013-07-04 18.49.23.jpg 2013-07-04 18.49.03.jpg 2013-07-04 18.49.13.jpg
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  2. khune

    Price dropped to $6500
  3. khune

    Dropped to 6k

    Water demo at Elsinore or Hodges (if the ramp still has enough water enter it) for serious buyers.
  4. khune

    Dropped to $5500, could be a great pre-season project to convert to closed loop.
  5. Ali

    Wow. That's a lot of boat for that money.
  6. tunacity

    put it on fishtheclassics.net.The 210 openfish is pretty popular with the shamrock guys.
  7. boatdoc

    Still available? Send a # thx
  8. khune

    Yep, still for sale.. I'l PM you.
  9. firefishq

    nice boat. good luck with sale.
  10. spearbodj

    I want this boat save it for me haha. What kind of fuel economy do you get?
  11. the_3_bears

    Hi. Trade for a wrecker?
  12. firefishq

    does it have a 4 brl or 2 brl carb? which model carb?
  13. UncleTito

    Is there a # to reach you at?

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