1988 Yamaha 225 HP Excel

Discussion in 'Members Boats For Sale' started by cliff_fishes, Feb 28, 2011.

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  1. cliff_fishes

    1988 Yamaha 225 HP Excel outboard 25 ft shaft, extra computer, pulsar coil, crank position sensor, throttle sensor, manuals, all gauges, control unit motor in crate.
    $2600.00 (upgraded to a Yamaha 200 HPDI)

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  2. cliff_fishes

    Reduced to $2000.00 or best offer?
  3. cliff_fishes

    Price reduced to $1700.00
  4. oliver.solis

    WOW!!! The story of my life: A dollar too Short and a day too late! I would pick it up and mount it on my boat if I didn't have to sell it along with other fishing gear!

    If you have it a few months from now and my situation is better, I will pick it up!
  5. BowBoy

    oliver.....a 225 on your 18ft cc......dang man.......only the prop would b in da water......flyin bro....u planning on racing of what?
  6. cliff_fishes

  7. oliver.solis

    Fly Out, Fly In! LOL
  8. bman440440

    i have a 225 rude on my 22' hydrasport CC and with a light load trimmed out in the bay had it up to 74 on the GPS!!! and yes just about the only thing in the water was the prop
  9. cliff_fishes

  10. cliff_fishes