1980's Penn International 30SW, 50SW

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by tshaw, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. tshaw

    The 30 has never been spooled and the 50 looks like it has straight 100# Ande clear but has never been fished. (never used, both reels have gold clamps). What would you estimate on a fair value for posting? :hali_olutta:Cheers and thanks.
  2. dontfishenuff

    There only good for nice looking paper weights. I'll take em off your hands for $150 each. Please respond fast, as others like good looking paper weights for more money than I do.
  3. tshaw

    First time posting photos of my old-school two speeds - hope it works.
    30SW front.jpg

    30SW handle.jpg

    30SW sideplate.jpg

    50SW + tuna stick.jpg

    50SW handle side.jpg

    50SW overall.jpg
  4. mattbush

    My office is right up the street from you by the looks of your photos. How much do you want for the 30?
  5. tshaw

    Yes Matthew, I'm on River at 54th street. I'd say 3 bills.
  6. picasso

    My estimate of a fair value would be $200 apiece, based on these factors.

    Those big reels in stock form (30 & 50 lb. class trollers) are sort of obsolete when compared to modern equipment,
    and they lack the upgrades necessary to flyline baits to big tuna.
    A collector would want the box and papers and stuff.
    A pretty paperweight is what it is now, unless you find a guy who likes to troll.
    Good luck.
  7. screamingreel

    Hello Tim,

    Typically a 50SW will go for $250-350 depending on condition and if it has spectra.
    The 30SW will go for $200-300 depending on condition and if it has spectra.

    Both of yours look clean, but no spectra; so $500-ish seems fair for both.

    - Jeff
  8. tshaw

    Hey thanks for the input Jeff and Joe. I will post them up at $250 a pop then. They need to get on the water - just not on my kayak!
  9. ekstrura

    Do you still have the 50sw, yours looks like a deal.
  10. cloudman

    If you ship to Hong Kong I will buy them as I use them on my boat