1967 20' Skipjack Flybridge-CLEAN CLEAN BOAT.

Discussion in 'Members Boats For Sale' started by oceanjake, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. oceanjake

    1967 20' Skipjack Flybridge on an '06 EZ Loader tandem axle galvanized trailer with torsion axles and oil bath bearings. New in 09 were the following items: lowrance chartplotter/fishfinder, furuno radar, custom 2" aluminum folding radar arch by saltwater specialties with halogen decklights and 6 welded rod holders, custom aluminum welded rod racks on each side of cockpit (holds 10 more rods total), custom fuel injection, electronic ignition, electric fuel pump conversion, and custom aluminum fuel tank. Engine has one fishing season on fresh rebuild with all marine stainless gaskets and parts. Boat is equipped with a 26 gallon bait tank in the cockpit. New bait pump. Boat has a second color depth sounder as well as the new one added last year. Has VHF radio and marine am/fm/cd stereo and new marine speakers. Helm seats were new 2 seasons ago and have been removed and stored in the cabin after each use so they still look very clean. Cabin has clean upholstery (although it's teal green), sink with electric water pump, and porta pottie. It's enough to keep you warm while you catch some sleep on the hook for the greylight bite. Boat is turnkey. I fished it last weekend. Gelcoat shines and looks great. Boat turns heads at the ramp. I've sold this thing twice so far on craigslist and each time the person backed out last minute. I probably should have advertised here first anyhow. $8000 invested last year on the boat. Moving up to larger boat. Picking new boat up next week and need the space. Price reduced to $7000 .Give me a call to talk about it if interested or PM me. Jake 310.923.8570

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  2. oceanjake

    Edited post. Price reduced now to $7k
  3. Trayscool

    wow thats clean

    how far have you had it out?

    clean looking sled....what engine does it have?
  5. watch-n-learn

    I wish I can have one of these some day.
  6. oceanjake

    Thanks for the compliments. I fished the boat last year as far as 60 miles out. Most of the time, trips are just 30 miles out and 30 miles back to chase the tuna though. The fuel injection made a huge difference in reliability and I have 100% faith in the boat. Still would be a good idea to at least have a kicker motor if I were going to fish that far out regularly. The boat has a 289 ford (same engine as a mustang of the same era). This one was rebuilt just before last season and at the same time i rebuilt the raw water pump and installed fuel injection, electronic ignition, electric fuel pump, and did custom fuel mapping. i'm going to miss the boat since it's taken me out in some slop and never failed to bring me home safely but I really need to make space to bring home my new boat next week. any takers?
  7. hotrail20

    nice Skippy
  8. ranchero


    This hull has the flatter bottom... That said, if there are few would-be buyers out there getting info to stick with the 73 and up with the deep vee...

    You need to take a ride and bring 2 friends. Super stable and get right up on plane, Very efficient hull for economy. Built like a seawall. Not this thin crap with the low gunnels they are churning out now a-days. You feel like you are in the cockpit- not almost above it

    For so cal flat conditions and fishing yt, and tune in the paddies, or trolling for albies - they are a great platform.

    They slow troll and troll 5-11mph great and when you cut the engine and have 4 guys on deck- all hooked up and moving all over- even with 3 slobs hanging over one rail- the thing is solid. Have seen 24-26 that look they are ready to tip...

    Down-swell they are awesome.

    any type of chop over 3ft and a head sea...it all works against you.

    Afternoons coming back from 425 on a sloppy day can be a real fing drag.

    Bottom line- still a great hull for socal
  9. TRS

    You can get FOUR guys in the back of a 20 ft skip flybridge,??maybe if they sit on each others lap,the straight up 20 open is the superior boat, wish I would have never sold mine to sea addiction,,just my two cents
  10. Trayscool

    superior until it comes time to take a nap....or look for a patty
  11. TRS

    As a Motel room /your right, but how many guys really enjoy having to climb up that tiny ladder and sqauatting down like your back in your little red wagon just to steer, tell me truthfully thats the most comfortable seating, I bet more 20 and 24 flybridge skipjacks were gotten rid of because of the low profile seats, if your big and lanky you cant easily just stand up and jump down the ladder, especially when the boats rocking, theres nothing to hold on to, the dash is the highest grab point, And BY LAW there will be no less than 467 trips from the front of the boat to the back of the boat on any given day,,construction wise? these boats will be here long after were gone, wish I had mine back,
  12. oceanjake

    Well, the skipjack sold today to a bloody decker. Bittersweet to see it drive away but the guy that bought it is very cool and his son was so excited about the boat. That really made me feel better about selling her. Most of what ranchero said about the boat was dead on. That hull had less of a vee in the stern which makes it pound more into a 3' head sea but it is much better for fuel economy and more importantly for stability. The boat sits extremely calmly in the water and does not rock much at all. The rocking that it does is a quick snappy rock. It doesn't roll at all. You have to also remember that these boats were laid up extremely heavy so even with a relatively flat transom they do pretty well for their size because the sheer weight of them knocks the little stuff down. As for the 20 open being a superior boat, I guess that is a matter of preference. I would tend to disagree with that comment after having made dozens and dozens of overnight island trips on my (old) boat. I can't imagine not having that space to go in, shut the door, and watch a movie on the laptop. Having a head is nice too for bringing the wife along. The advantage of the open is that it holds more fuel. The advantage of the flybridge is the cabin space as well as the better vantage point for spotting paddies. Anyhow, the boat is gone. Thanks to Al....a fellow bloody decker. I'll be seeing you on the water man!
  13. alien4fish

    congrats on selling your skippy, I was eyeing her for a while, im actually in the market for a new sled at the moment and there are a lot of great people on this site.
    Congrats again:urno1:
  14. Rippin Lips

    Thanks Jake, It was a pleasure to meet you and add a new fishing buddy. The wife and kid are extremely happy and can't wait to take the first voyage. This truly is a great find and it has been very well taken care of, i will be sure to give the same amount of attention you gave her.

    This thing is in such great shape i can't believe you didn't sell her sooner, you've really payed attention to detail.
  15. drippyskippy24

    saw it going south on the 15 fwy . nice clean well cared for skippy . not to many boats sell in less then a week ..
  16. Trayscool

    wow someone got a cool score. welcome to the skipjack mafia!
  17. Rippin Lips

    Thanks Travis, though no my first boat, it is my first Skippy, the excitement. Got some plans for this lady.

    Weird, shows my posts started all over again.
  18. Trayscool

    what are you gonna do? looks pretty set up to me.
  19. Rippin Lips

    There are some things i'd like to add. I need to find a bimini that connects to the radar arch, I also followed Capt Curts rebuild of Hana and would like to create a lip around the engine compartment and cuddy entrance to redirect/keep too much water from entering. also would like to somehow add an area for extra fuel tanks. Jake suggested side tanks where the kickboards used to be. also swimstep for diving would be great, I saw that addition in your post.

    I've searched for forums with skipjack owners to see what kind of mods they have made but no luck. one thing I would like to know is if anyone actually keeps these camping porta pottis intact or replaces it with something else. I hate the idea of having to empty it by hand. it has the ports for dumping into the ocean blocked per regulations, I guess you need to be so far out to empty it into the ocean(yet another bad thought). Any links for other Skippy owners?
  20. Cabojoe

    yea i got a spot with all sorts of used good pumping tolets that will hook right up to those ports...just got one last week for $10 for my skippy....great for the chic or the kid but u got to be at least 3 miles out by law to dump......just make sure u got a good shut off valve .....:Singin_In