1963 Impala Restiration - Seeking Engine & Body Work

Discussion in 'BD Business Hookup's' started by lilharcher, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. lilharcher

    Getting ready to restore my 1963 4-door Impala and am seeking the following business hoooooook-ups:

    1) Engine Rebuild & general engine work
    2) Body Work & Paint

    The car is operable now and my grandmother was the original owner. There is minimal rust given that, prior to my grandmother turning it over to me, it never left the city limits on Tucson, AZ (dry environment). I live in Ventura County but am willing to take it anywhere. Also, I am not in a rush so the work can get done when times are slow. Shoot me a reply or PM if you got skills and want to make some cash. Thanks!
  2. Ali Admin

    A word of advice,

    Don't EVER tell a mechanic or contractor you aren't in a rush.

    Give a deadline and make them stick to it.

    Good luck.

    Impalas are sick.
  3. bigbass619

    hey my friend is the best mec I know. he is a the owner of a shop called car connention 619-238-8170 lu tell him a bald guy named randy sent you. he is in logan heights by the trolly tracks he speacalise in classic restoreation he loves to restore cars and he is the best engine man I know if you are looking for qaulity call him. and he knows good body and paint guys too. sounds like you want this car done right lu is the man trust me go show him the car and you will see
  4. tunabitter

    i own a 68 impala myself if u need any engine hook ups or need any type of parts for the car i have lots of places for and numbers if u still need help with car let me know
  5. ConSeaMate

    I have done several restorations....the last one being a 1936 Chevy 2 door sedan....I would suggest a crate motor.The 350 with 383 hp will run you about $4200.....50,000 mile guarantee!.....I also used one in my corvette,put a different cam in and this motor makes 430 hp!.......I have a few contacts for parts also if you need help.....
  6. jstcrzyengh

    I have a well built 355 sitting in my garage. Forged EVERYTHING. So if you want it you can take it for $1,250 (it cost me about $5k a year ago and hasnt been run) unless your looking to get number matching. My buddy builds top end engines. Everything from custom fuel injection to top end daily driver performance. He has been in many magazines and will definitely give you the good guy deal. Basically get a budget on the engine and your expectations and remember:

    Fast, reliable, and cheap. Pick Two.
    IE you can have fast and reliable, but it aint going to be cheap. You can have cheap and fast but reliable its not going to be.

    For example my engine I had balanced and blueprinted with AFR heads, SuperRam intake, top of the line EVERYTHING, over $8k into all of those parts and machining. So you need to decide what you want and how much you are looking to spend.

    For paint if going the same color for a good job your looking at $3k minimum, excellent job same color $6k. If you have major body work that needs to be done and/or changing the color and you want a factory looking paint job (or custom) your looking at $6k to $10k for a car like a 63 impala. Can you find cheaper? Sure, but I wouldnt. Now I know a master painter and restorer and he will so your car for rock bottom pricing, but you buy the parts supply the yard and you have to fly him out from Florida, or ship your car there. He can do the engine, tranny, paint, interior, you name it. He was the first to start modifying gen III SBC's into thirdgen Camaros'... Building an LS7 (eventually) for my 88 SC convertible...

    Lots of options, but you really need to know a budget before hand. Also Gato Gordo is right. Dont tell them your flexible, well with my buddy you could, but for most places they will take your money upfront and MIGHT get to it in 6 months...

  7. bocker

    True....... But a car with matching #'s would be worth more $. My advice is if it is all original, keep it that way. I do however understand that the 4dr is not as desired by collectors as the 2dr. I would say just do some homework before you start in with the mods. And keep all old parts for future resto.
  8. jstcrzyengh

    A cam for a 47hp increase? That would need to be a pretty extreme cam. I am sure you would also have to change the rockers or at least upgrade to a roller system, run a bigger carb and tune tune tune to pick up that kind of increase... and are you sure its a 350 with 383hp? and not a 383 with 350hp?

    http://www.greenwoodchevy.com/engine16.htm - thats a 383 with 340hp...

    The ram jet 350 is 350 hp but never seen a 350 with 383hp...

    For the impala:
    My personal opinion if numbers matching is not a concern to you drop a used LS1 in there. Get it cleaned up, put on a LS6 intake (15 hp or get a 2001+ engine which comes with the LS6 intake) get some aftermarket LS heads, I can point you in the right direction, and you could have 425 streetable hp that makes 20 mpg on the street. Drop a small SC on it and get 500+ hp and the same fuel economy... For a heavy car like that it could be fun
  9. Saluki

  10. jstcrzyengh

    CI is good but $$$ You can also try hemmings motor news. CI, if I recall, is primarily "OEM authorized" reproductions, not OEM parts per se... Though I havent worked on anything that really uses too many of their parts. They are also local (to me anyway) in Huntington beach.
  11. Saluki

    Me too.

    5 blocks away :D
  12. jstcrzyengh

    awww we're neighbors :D

    I use to live off of Slater and Beach for a VERY long time.

    You wouldnt happen to need a balanced and blueprinted 355 with forged TRW's, Old school Pink Rods (old chevy not LT1) that have been balanced, shot peend and polished, among every other upscale part you can think of ... :rofl:
  13. SAGE

    Matt : American European in OB ask for Joey (the owner) he specializes in older American cars, really knows his shit and is as honest as they come. He just finished a 64 impala, and has a bunch of older cars himself. 1.619.224.8580 tell him Sage sent ya' : )

    BTW Frank, your Porsche is my dream car !!