18' force aj-boats

Discussion in 'Hawaiian Fishing Forum' started by Tuna Tunah, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Tuna Tunah

    Hows it everybody, just looking for some info on aj boats 18' force on the big island. I was wondering if anybody have seen the work they do or if you have a force 18' made from them and what you think of their work? Sorry not trying to start a thread to bash aj boats just trying to look for some awnest kine word on their 18' force boats. From their pics they look like cherry boats. Mahalos!
  2. keverly

    Their shop is right down the road from my house and i've been there a couple of times checking out their boats and they are really good guys first time i went by they let me look around the shop and climb on couple of the 18 footers they're nothing to hide, hard working guys. In my humble opinion they look really solid i've got a 17ft alii kai and the 18 foot force looks like a tank compared to my boat but it is almost a foot wider and longer. I've also talked to couple guys down at the ramp who have their 18 footer and they seem to be pleased with it. The guys that build them get plenty aloha and always offer me food and tell me come by and cruise haha, good guys and nice boats!
  3. dausualinc

    I've been planning on talking to them about builing a 30 footer and also was wondering the same thing, thanks for starting the thread.
  4. TCK

    I spoke to Jim at Force Marine recently and according to him one of the guys building the aj boats is/has been Force's head laminator for decades so I assume same quality as force Marine?
  5. poidog

    I don't know about the force hulls, but they put a forward cab on my friends boat and the buggah is solid all glass quality work built to last