17 ft Boston Whaler owners

Discussion in 'Check Out My Boat' started by KID CREOLE, Jul 14, 2006.

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    Hey guys,

    Do any of you own a early 90's Whaler, I need some info, I'm trying to help a friend get his back together! Thanks
  2. Gratitude

  3. cwi.nathan

    Go straight to Continuoswave.
    No question unanswered
  4. Ali Admin

    babu has one.\

    Thanks everyone! If you have any pics of a 17 ft Whaler can you please post them!
  6. Chesapeakechuck

    Dood, go to that continuous wave site they mentioned above. There's enough information there so that you could built a whaler out of a bucket of sand if you had to.

    Thanks guys! Project will be starting soon!
  8. LBbent

    There another site called WhalerCentral.com.
    Some good info there also.
    Any specific questions?

    Thanks Doug! Is there any chance I can come by and take a look at your Whaler?
  10. Kareem Korn

    I'm putting mine back together right now. I'm not trying to restore to original. I want as much fishing platform as possible. Ebay is a good source for parts also. I got my rubrail, bowlight, side rails, and leaning post from there.
  11. LBbent


    Interested in what type leaning post you installed. I'm interested in doing the same. Do you have any pics you could post?
  12. LBbent


    Sure you can take a look at it. Just have to work out a time. I'm not sure what you are planning to do to yours. The layout for my 87 Montauk is probably much different than you have seen before. I purchased from a Bloody decker last year, it has 2 swivel seats behind the center console instead of the reversible pilot seat. It has a rear raised platform from the splashwell area out approx. 18" or so and a 12 gallon fuel tank installed under the raised deck. I've installed bait tank and placed it on top of raised deck, with transom mount pump. So it is not your usual Montauk layout, but is set up great for fishing.

  13. ssrmr2

    how are the leaning posts attached to the whaler? I need one for the bow of my montauk. pics are great if you got them

  14. T-Bro

    I just sold my Whaler to buy a Parker and I wish I could say I miss it. While the wood was beautiful, it rode like a Hyundai. If you are looking for ideas, check out the attachments. This was not my boat, but one of the best renovations I have seen.


    17MontaukBrktOHView533x354.jpg 17MontaukBrktStern533x400.jpg 17MontaukBrktStatic544x363.jpg
  15. Kareem Korn

    I will get you some pics, more than likely tomorrow, I got a full plate tonight.

    Also, continious wave has wood locating drawings to help find the stringers in your pictular model. I recommend finding them and printing them out. They will help you for whatever you fasten to the deck.

    Thanks guys for going out of your way!


    I won't be starting this project for a few weeks so maybe we can hook up mid August?

  18. LBbent


    Just let me know. I'm in Long Beach, not far from you.


  20. Xplore Offshore

    I work with the San Diego Crew Classic. Besides having my own 18' we borrow dozens of Whalers, both 13' and 17' from all over San Diego. In exchange for the two day use of the boat, we do all sorts of work on them. Outboard service, trailer maitenance, minor to major fiberglass work and detailing. Its a great chance to get your boat worked on or just come see the largest collection of Whalers in So Cal. We set up at South Shores, Mission Bay for last few weeks of March and early April. We picked up a few last year from new BD'rs and it really is a pretty cool thing. Some owners come out and drive for the weekend, some just give up their boats. Let me know if any of you Whaler owners want to be involved. Last year we had 1 21' Outrage; 2-18' Outrages, 11-17' Montauks and 8-13's. I think we give more value than we get and that is why owners keep letting us use their boats year after year.