16vsx blue printing a line

Discussion in 'World Of PENN' started by carlosburitica, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. carlosburitica

    Cals will be doing my reel to fish #80 line and i will be using jb hollow core line
    i noticed that the abs (average breaking strength)of this line is way higher than most lines...
    1. jb 80 hc has a break strength of #150 500yd plus top shot
    2. jb 100 hc abs #130 450yd plus top shot
    3. jb 60 hc abs # 90 600yd plus top shot
    i think cals suggestions was 400 80 solid, 150, 100 hollow and 80 top shot.
    reel is paired with calstar 770xh blank

    what line should i use... i can still use 60 and get more line capacity (but i am worried of line digging in at heavy drags), 80 may be a waist and i can better do the reel to fish (blue print) a #100 line.??

    any suggestions
  2. tunanorth

    Hi Carlos,
    Some of this depends on your most common use of the reel.
    The line systems and rod [770XH] you are describing are most applicable to San Diego-style yellowfin tuna in the "mini cow" to "cow" category [100-250 pounds], but even with the stacked line system, might be a little shy in total yardage when it comes to "super cows" [over 300 pounds].
    The 770XH blank is normally used as a "rail rod", and is a little longer than some people like for standup fishing or general trolling use.
    I notice you are near Fort Lauderdale, will you be traveling to San Diego [or Puerto Vallarta] for a long-range trip?
    As for the line digging in under heavy drag, if the installation is done correctly, it should not be a problem.
  3. carlosburitica

    i will use the reel as a multipurpose reel. gom tuna, panama and sandiego next year. i have a 100# outfit already with a 30w. the 770xh will be a rail rod, cut at the but (that is another thread)

    just want to share opinions in that you spool this reels for fish up to 200#
  4. tunanorth

    OK got it.
    My preference would be option #1 [80HC], as almost all [non-IGFA rated] monofilaments break at 20 to 30-percent more than what the label says.
    Have fun; the 16VSX could end up being your favorite reel for everything except "super-cow" grade tuna.
  5. lasparky11

    I had Cal set my 16VSX up to fish 100#, I did have him put the lower gear in. I filled mine up with 700 yards of 100# JB hollow. I personally would not waste my money on 80#. 100# has a smaller diameter than 80. Keep in mine that I use short top-shots of no more than 25' (flouro) or 50' (mono) depending on which rod I'm using. Have Cal put the specta on the machine he uses puts it on real tight.
    Tight Lines
  6. carlosburitica

    Blue printing will be done by cals and then will sent the reel to basil for spooling we are going to do 500 100hollow and 50yard 80 mono top shot.
  7. CMY SIX

    Cal put 600 yds JB hollow 100lb on mine