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  1. Titan

    YARMOUTH, Mass. — Dave Lamoureux’s kayak, named Fortitude, must be the only one in Massachusetts registered as a motor vessel. That’s because a powerboat registration is required to get a permit to fish for tuna here.

    Apparently, it never occurred to the authorities that someone might be crazy enough to want to catch a bluefin while sitting in what amounts to a floating plastic chair and enjoying what Melville called a “Nantucket sleigh ride.”
    Since the end of July, Lamoureux has caught three bluefins this way, paddling a couple of miles off Race Point, at the tip of Provincetown, hooking a tuna and holding on, the rod clipped to a harness on his chest, while being towed at speeds up to 15 miles an hour before the fish exhausts itself.


  2. Blackfish

    Thats is awesome. Congrats to the angler.
  3. marlyn

    dave,your a badass!
  4. Surfdoc

    Man I want to try that. But living on the East coast Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  5. nefarious235

    The fishing gods love the insane. well done
  6. goatram

    Youtube of the fish being weighed in. 157 lbs BFT caught from a 12' Kayak. awesome and Ballzee
  7. brice

    That's some cool stuff.

    Anyone know where the term "Nantucket sleigh ride" originated?
  8. striperblues

    Honestly, it just seems like a stupid and reckless thing to do.
  9. catchabigone

    the old whaling dories would row out from the big ship harpoon a 60ft whale and tie off to the boat.. then the whale would take off givin the men in the small boat a Nantucket Sleigh ride.
  10. dbar

  11. doughnut

    Plenty of big fish caught from Kayaks. If you know how to set a drag, its not stupid OR reckless, it's fishing.
  12. jgerken

    great story, what a ride it must have been.
  13. the hook

    Are they going to cite him for not having a motor permit?

    The fish had a pretty good motor, apparently.
  14. Swarthy Dago

    if you have a quick release catch, if not you could end up down and drowned, ask any surfer, you sometimes have to ditch it.
  15. Lone Shark

    lol....hell who needs a the hottest parts of summer i jump in the lake and fish while treading water. personal best is 11 bAss and two that was fun!
  16. One_Leg

    I do that at the beach. I catch shit loads of fish while wading. I have had to clean and lube and/or rebuild my trout gear after every single surf fishing trip I have ever gone on. Only takes me 5 minutes per reel now. Once I am treading water the reel is going under. Lots of sand in that water!

    The scuba hook and line fishing contest I tried to get people interested in just sorta fizzled out after a short while.
  17. tuna taxi

    .that's what it takes
  18. Lone Shark

    yeah with freshwater it trashes my reels when i go in...i cant imagine the saltwater damage! but it sure is fun! I did even perfect the chug a beer while jigging/ hoook a fish/ finish beer/ throw too nearby dock/ fight fish routine LOl now thats the most fun...however i dont think i would try that in surf ilne
  19. One_Leg

    Eh, been there, done that, It's all right.
  20. johnnylite

    I wanted the girl in the red bikini to tell me the answer to Brice's question.