16' Starcraft SS - Center Console

Discussion in 'Members Boats For Sale' started by s10rick, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. s10rick

  2. fishforfun2

    Wow,clean little boat at a great price,no wonder I can't sell mine.Things are cheap
  3. s10rick

    Thanks fishforfun2...

    Also... what you don't see in the pictures are the 6 rod holders that go on the side of the console/battery box (3 on each side) and the 6' Shakespeare radio antenna that mounts to the side of the console.

    It's a great little bay boat.


  4. brokengaff

    Sick Boat
  5. Torrn

    Insane Skiff!! That thing is sweet! Only thing better is Price. I can't imagine that skiff lasting more than a day with that price.
  6. spize909

    nice boat, interested.
    How's it ride with that much weight in the back?
  7. s10rick

    You can't hardly tell it's back there. Seriously, running with the tank empty or full, not much difference. Boat planes and handles fine.

    Maybe it's that the boat is rated for twice the size motor(85 I think) that is on it? Maybe that I don't have a big gas tank? I don't know. It is rated for 1500# load or 6 people.

    I do know that I can stand back there (240) with another friend about the same size, with water in the tank and we don't sink, lol

  8. Johnlgarrison

    You did a very nice job on that boat. Is that a 4 stroke?
  9. s10rick

    Thanks John...

    It is a 2-stroke.

    Very interested in the boat. Please let me know when I can come look at it. I'm located in Newport and am off work at 3:30 everyday. Looking for a little skiff and I think this would be perfect
    Phone number is 714 9250545. Text or call