15 foot Tiger shark

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by bertram31, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. bertram31

    Wow was she cool.

    What I do is drive a snorkel boat. One of the big attractions of what we do is put people in the water with the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin. Damn cool job finding the pods watching their behavior and getting everybody in the water out front of the pods. So many times I have had people almost being able to touch the dolphin as they swim around and under our people floating on the surface.

    So this morning I am cruising along side a berthing pod of twelve or so dolphin. Mixed in were three to four little babies between 15 and 24 inches. The dolphin are just cruising right off my bow and everybody was getting great pictures and video of the dolphin. I was having my deckhand get everybody set with their mask and snorkel when all of a sudden the pod stopped and then popped up about 30 yards behind the boat. I thought briefly a little odd that they stopped but hey good situation for my poeple to get infront of the dolphin.

    Well in a just a second or two the pod was now 100 yards or so behind the boat and as quick as I can turn the boat around the pod is 200 plus yards and beating flippers. I knew that something had changed their course but I didnt expect to see it right next to us.

    Ten feet off my starboard side and not even ten feet under the surface there she was. She was on the same course as I was and barely moving 2 knots. She maintained the same depth for 20-30 seconds while we just cruised with right along with her. I am not kidding, her mouth was two feet wide. I was driving a 35 foot boat and she was more then 1/3 of the boat length.

    Everybody on the boat that was just about ready to swim with dolphin LOL was now looking at a very big shark. We were in only about 50 feet of water at the time and could see the bottom, but she finally went down and managed to get away from us.

    I then decided that the best thing to do was to turn back to the north where I knew more dolphin were at Pokai Bay and snorkel up that way instead of the normal spots back to the south in the direction she was heading. I was amazed with everybody I had onboard as when we made our dolphin drops everybody went into the water.

    I asked this one guy who got some great pictures to email me some, when he does I will post the pictures.

  2. socalahi

    Spinners are cool to snorkel around. I swam with a freaking huge pod off of Lana'i. We kept our distance, if they wanted to come our way that was thier choice....which they did. We had them all around us for a good 30 minutes. All the times I have been snorkeling or diving that was the most amazing time with that many dolphins. Hopefully that guy got some good pictures of the shark. Ill be waiting for an update!
  3. tim1120sm

    i would not have left the boat after an experience like that
  4. Fishing Addict

    Swimming with the ~15ft Tiger would have definitely been a more memorable experience for a person.
  5. Duramax

    Very exciting story, can't wait to see those pic.'s.
    As for me, I would've stayed on the boat after that big iger siting.
  6. Jason Admin

    Wonder what people would have done if you told them. "Okay jump in" while they were watching the shark.
  7. dru

    If a Hawaiian was driving, he would have sent all the Haules (sp?) overboard in a heatbeat! :) "Ok you whitie tourists, jump in!"
  8. bertram31

    Na they werent going to quick. As we were working north from our harbor I show people some of the places we will snorkel . One of the spots is a turtle cleaning station. This spot was just a few miles back from where we saw the shark. Nobody wanted to go to turtles at this time.

    Got a lot of questions a couple hours later when we did snorkel turtles, "are you sure the shark has gone" LOL oh sure here look my deckhand will go in first.

  9. Jason Admin

    You don't have to have a captains license to drive tourists around in HI? Or do you have one?
  10. bertram31

    Yes you do have to have your license. I have my 100 ton master license. Tonnage doesnt make that much of a difference, its the master which is 720 days on the water that makes the difference. From 360 to 720 days gives you a six pack license (OUPV) operator uninspected passenger vessel, but only allows six passengers max, where over 720 days qualifies for the master license.

  11. lokegirl48

    :worthless: well not really but I am looking forward to the pics. I hope that guy follows thru for you. Are you working on a website for the bus.?