14 mile bank dorado

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Manbat, Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. Manbat

    I know it's kinda a late post but fished on Friday 8-21 ran to the 289 then up to 14 mile lookin at tons of nice kelp and 69 degree water noone home until I found The 71 degree water about 2 miles above the 14 high spot got 1 15lb bull.

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  2. Manbat

    Having trouble posting pic, any help?
  3. mrkarn

    Search using the paperclip button...attachments...find your pic...and add..."15lb "bull"" though, hmmmm?
  4. marlyn

    you must have killed the only one...
  5. 26grumpy

    Nice job Jon !
  6. six minutes L8

    Yeah, that was a pretty slooooow day
  7. washingtonspyde

    Please say this is the start of the push north. We went the same day for nada.
  8. six minutes L8

    Nice Work!
  9. flyliner

    Very nice local dodo, especially when that area has been dry for a while.

    By the way, based on the shape of the head, I think that was a female "hen" rather than a male "bull."

    Thanks for the report.
  10. Fish Tank

    Bull... Hopefully there will be more soon, I've seen very little out there this year, even with the perfect conditions, slow, slow local season. Thanks for the report.
  11. Nordhavn68

    Bull, Indian summer the fish are just starting to come north
  12. 2052Trophy

    Nice BULL! The local kelps have been useless locally this year with pulling only a couple pelagics at a time. We got into some Bluefin and Albies on Monday aboard the Condor around the 1010. Even that was scratch fishing at best. Seems the bulk of the schools are hanging around 90-110 miles from the point. Someone needs to open the flood gates and let the tuna through. Your day of limit-style fishing will come. Thanks for the report.

    We had a school swimmin arround the boat on sunday. only got 2... 65-66 deg water!!!! they were jumping all arround us.... What a show!