14 mile bank and 279 7-23-2006

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Wolfpack, Jul 23, 2006.

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    Left HH a bit late around 7ish and went straight to the 14. 3 boats there and not much going on so we trolled to the 279. 1/2 way there picked up a mako off the rapala, maybe 50 lbs or so. He must have missed the jig and stuck it in his back, I couldn't quite figure out what was on the line for a bit.

    Most divers said the kelps were holding but lots of lock jaw, atleast for this area. I saw a few dod's on other boats, but not in the cards for us.

    Got bait at bills and he scooped live and dead bait into the tank...I clenaed the tank and moved on. The good news is the "live" bait lasted all day - so the survivors survived. Not sure if all the bait is like that or just the stuff bill's was dishing out this morning.

    It was really nice out there today, wind never really came up, and my son and I came back from inside the 279 to HH at 21 knots around 5-6 pm. Great day in the sun.

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